How to choose an electric mower

So you have already chosen to use an electric mower rather than the petrol-powered  alternative, but before you rush out to the store or search Google for an electric lawn mower, consider a few important factors that will help you pick the right electric mower for you and your lawn.

Cordless vs Corded 

Cordless mowers are typically more expensive, but are also a lot more convenient - there is no need to drag that annoying cable around the lawn, giving you the freedom to easily manourver into all the nooks and crannies of the lawn without getting tangled up, hacing difficult navigating, or worse - running over the cord which can be dangerous.

However, if your lawn is too large, the battery may not last long enough. Most lithium ion batteries will typically run for 60 to 90 minutes.

If you have a power point close to a relatively small lawn, you might as well stick with a corded mower. These have the advantages of being lighter, usually, and also cheaper to buy.

A corded mower also needs no charging and is ready to go whenever you are. Just plug in and start mowing.

Cutting width

Small to medium sized lawns can easily be managed with a mower with 28-40cm cutting width, but larger lawns need more power and you will benefit from having a broader cutting width - ideally from 40cm upwards, all the way to 105cm for ride on mowers.

If you have a very large lawn, you could also consider a robotic mower or two to automatically mow the lawn on your behalf.


Although battery-operated cordless mowers are typically easier to maneuver, they are also usually heavier.

Corded mowers on the other hand are usually lighter because they don't have a battery. This can make them easier to use for the elderly and weak.

Rotary or cylinder

Rotary mowers are by far the most common type of electric mowers, and consist of a single blade that spins in a circle, smashing at the grass like the grim reaper's scythe.

Cylinder mowers on the other hand, have a barrel of blades that rotate and cut the grass like scissors. This produces a much better cut that is more suited for professional greenkeepers, lawn care enthusiasts and makes cylinder mowers best for flat and well-manicured lawns like bowling greens. However, bear in mind cylinder mowers are typically more expensive and heavier than rotary mowers. These

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Posted in Homeowners on Aug 18, 2020