How to Catch a Mosquito Indoors

Obsessive buzzing, itchy bites, malaria... I'm sure these words will evoke a certain association in you: mosquito! You will never be able to completely get rid of these insects, but you can use various methods, both home, and commercial, to significantly reduce their presence in your life. A reasonable and complex approach to the fight against mosquitoes will definitely bring good results.

You probably don't want to use repellents and body creams with various chemicals when you can use more natural methods. Try making these simple traps and reduce the mosquito population in your home!

DIY Mosquito Traps

Try making non-toxic mosquito traps. You will need the simplest ingredients that can be found in your home.

Bottle as a trap

One of the most popular home traps is a device that lures mosquitoes by releasing carbon dioxide. The fact is that these insects perceive CO2 for the breathing of a mammal. Vinegar and baking soda can provide a reaction with the release of gas, however, considering the reviews, this combination is not very effective. Try to use other ingredients.

  1. Take a 1-2 liter plastic bottle and cut it into two equal parts.

  1. Add a few tablespoons of sugar to warm water and wait until it dissolves completely.

  1. Let the sweet water cool, and then pour it into the bottom half of the bottle. To react with carbon dioxide release, add yeast to the water.

  1. Remove the cap from the top of the bottle, you don't need it. Turn the plastic part over so that it looks like a funnel. Place it in the bottom half so that the neck is looked down. Then glue these parts together with tape.

  1. Wrap the mosquito trap around with a dark-colored cloth or sock.

  1. You can make a lot of such homemade traps and hang them in the shade. Place traps higher, near windows, front doors, and outdoors.

  1. Make new portions of the mixture if you see that it is no longer effective (usually, the solution is enough for 2 weeks of catching mosquitoes).

How does it work? Mosquitoes fly into the funnel, sensing CO2, but they cannot get back out and drown in the water.

Thirty seconds to make a trap
  1. Prepare a wide and deep bowl. Pour water up to half of the plate.

  1. Take liquid soap, shampoo, or dishwashing detergent and add it to the water. Lather the soap well until bubbles form.

  1. Ready! Place the bowl near an open window or another area where mosquitoes frequent.

  1. Do not use citrus, geranium, or mint-scented soaps. These scents repel mosquitoes. It is better to plant them in your garden, and then there will be fewer crowds of mosquitoes outdoors, respectively, in the house too. Suitable as a repeller, but not a trap.

Such a trap is unique in its simplicity, but it is very effective. Mosquitoes are attracted to standing water. When they sit in the bowl, they will fall into soap bubbles and drown.

Keep Mosquitoes Away From House

It is always better to prevent a problem than to eliminate it. Mosquitoes fly into your house from the street, so it would be logical to catch mosquitoes and repel them away from the outdoors as well.

  1. Try to remove all sources of standing water in the yard if possible, as it attracts a lot of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water. If you have a swimming pool, chlorinate the water or make sure it is constantly circulating. If there is a pond near you, breed fish there that will eat mosquitoes and their offspring.

  1. Attract assistants in the face of dragonflies. Flowers such as irises and buttercups lure dragonflies into your garden. They, in turn, like to hunt mosquitoes and eat at least a hundred a day. The smaller the number of these insects on the street, the less they fly into your house.

  1. In addition to planting herbs that attract dragonflies, look for species whose scent repels mosquitoes. Besides citrus fruits, mint, and geranium, which we mentioned above, mosquitoes do not like the scent of garlic, basil, lemon balm, and lavender.

  1. Mosquitoes hide in bushes and tall grass. To deprive them of shelter, mow the grass and bushes more often.

  1. Close all cracks in doors and windows. Install mosquito nets or screens on windows (you don't have to put them on everything, just the ones you open frequently).

For insect control, you can use these tips and homemade traps and pick the best mosquito trap online or at any major home improvement store.

The most popular types of commercial mosquito traps:

  • Heat traps (LED, UV). They have a temperature close to the human body, which is what sticks mosquitoes. You can place these traps in your garden and in the room;

  • –°arbon dioxide attractants. Ideal trap for outdoor use. The bottle of yeast and sugar is its homemade and less effective counterpart;

  • Various adhesive tapes. These traps are cheap, and you can use them anywhere. They are universal, as they catch not only mosquitoes but also flies and other flying insects. The most common option is a screen that has a large area;

  • Fumigators spraying insecticide. They come in small sizes for indoor use and large sizes for outdoor and professional use. A fairly effective method, but many do not like it since using chemicals, especially in the room, can be harmful to health in the long run.

Mosquitoes not only bother you with their buzzing and make you constantly itch. These insects carry many serious diseases such as malaria, Zika virus, and West Nile virus.

Use methods that will work in combination. Plant flowers that repel mosquitoes. You can arrange flower pots in the room. Mow the grass, and use homemade and commercial traps.

Unfortunately, it will not be possible to get rid of mosquitoes once and for all, but following this advice, you will notice that their number in your home has decreased tenfold. What methods of getting rid of these insects do you use?

Posted in Homeowners on Sep 21, 2022