House Moves With Your Garden: How Do You Do It

If you’re a certified green-thumb, then you know how much you love your plants and everything about them. You know precisely how to take care of them every day - what time they should get water, how often they should get sunlight or even where you should best place them at home. As such, you know just how stressful and confusing things could get when you know you have to make a house move and bring all your plants with you. After all, it’s a totally different thing when you have to pack your beloved plants instead of just packing everything else you own. And with that in mind, the packing process itself seems arduous and too stressful that you might just lose interest in the house move entirely.

However, it’s actually possible to make a house move with your garden. All you need are the right tips and tricks to make it happen as conveniently and as smoothly as possible. Here are some of the best tips you should consider:

  • Organize your inventory to know how to pack your plants. If you’ve decided on your move, the best first thing to do is to catalogue all the plants you own. That way, you know exactly what you’re dealing with when it comes to moving your garden with you. Remember, certain plants require specific steps when it comes to moving them to another location safely. It’s best to identify which plants you own that need special moving requirements, so you can consult your Manhattan movers if they can do it for you. That way, you can also focus on packing your own materials or gathering other necessary things your plants might need during the moving stage.
  • Prepare your plants for moving. If your moving day appears to be just a few weeks away, try to make sure you accomplish some forms of preparation to ensure your plants are up and ready for transportation. For instance, you should put your plants into plastic pots of the same size to ensure there’s no damage throughout the move. Moreover, you should prune larger plants (but not succulents and ferns) to ensure they don’t accommodate much space. Moreover, you should remove insects and parasites from your plants before moving day and regularly water them while being transferred. If possible, try to check whether your plants need to have some things taken into consideration when being transferred, especially if you need to pay particular attention to certain aspects of your move. 
  • Be careful during moving day. If you’re fast approaching moving day, make sure that you’re still taking care of your plants prior to the move. You also need to take special considerations depending on the season. For instance, if you’re moving during the summer, make sure you water your plants prior to putting them in the car. You may also want to stop every now and then to water them. Likewise, in the winter, you should ensure that the soil is dry for your plants to thrive, so you need to avoid watering them as much throughout the move. 
  • Ensure that you’ve prepared places where your plants need to be. In order to ensure that your plants stay safe and sound throughout the move, make sure that you’ve prepared the proper location for your plants to stay in before you start moving day. That way, you can reposition your plants back to their designated pots and into their places without damaging them. Preparing their place beforehand allows you to avoid having to move your plants as frequently, which may damage them over time. 
  • Get professional help for your transition. If you’re having a bit of a hard time ensuring your plants are transported safely, you might want help from moving packing services, especially those that have dealt with garden-based moves before. Instead of forcing your plants to fit in your car, you can rely on the various skill set and equipment of your movers in order to get your plants safely transported to your new home. Their trucks and other specialized equipment may ensure that your plants don’t necessarily have to strain themselves during the house move.  

House Moves With Your Plants: Make It Work For You

With the above tips in mind, it’s important to remember that moving with your plants in tow is actually possible with the right planning and the right execution. Remember, your plants can easily adjust to new environments provided you help them get acquainted with these places much easier - and you can do this by being more careful with the way you handle them, especially during the latter parts of the house move. If you pack them, transport them, and place them in their respective areas properly, you may not have any problems with any of your plants adjusting to your new space.

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