Health Benefits of Plants

Plants play a huge significance in the life of all the living organisms on earth. Not only do they provide oxygen but they are also the number one source of food for most organisms. According to some research, having plants inside buildings and even homes provide some benefits too. It gives a pleasant and calming environment to work and relax. The following are some of the health benefits of plants.

1. Plants act as a natural healer.

Plants like Aloe Vera provide health benefits to humans.

This plant is a member of the succulent family. It is also a part of the lily family and perennial plant which means it grows all year around. It has no stem but when you cut it, it releases a gel that can be used for many purposes. It has an anti-inflammatory substance that helps cure skin problems and as well as a hair moisturizer. It can also treat burns and cuts. So this plant is not only good for decorations but it has also health benefits. If you want to have this plant in your apartment, you may buy one at your local florist.

2. Plants provide fresh air.

Plants make the air that humans breath clean in such a way that it eliminates toxins that are harmful and cleanses it. One of the plants that can do this wonder is Spider Plant. This plant is known for cleansing the air that human’s breath, plus it is easy to grow! The substance that this plant can cleanse includes benzene, carbon monoxide and as well as Xylene. All of these harmful substances emit volatile organic compounds which mean humans can breathe in into their homes such as furniture and carpets. So, it is beneficial that you plant this. You can plant this either outdoor or indoor.

3. Since plants provide fresh air, then it makes it easy for human beings to breathe easily.

One popular plant that does wonders of nature is the Snake plant. This particular plant is easy to maintain, yet one of the most tender of all types of house plants. You can place this either indoor or outdoor. Most plants take the carbon dioxide that is being produced on earth and then converts it to oxygen especially during the day. However, snake plant releases oxygen during the night that is why this is the great choice if you want to put a plant beside your bedroom to help you have a better sleep at night or you can put it anywhere inside your house.

4. One of the wonderful things that plants can do is they can be natural moisturizer or humidifiers.

One fact that humans probably don’t know is that ten percent of the moisture that they breathe actually come from plants. Plants take carbon dioxide and convert it into oxygen. One of the many examples of plants that do this wonderful job is the Areca Palm Plant. This is also popularly known as the Butterfly palm. That is why it is a great plant to put inside the house especially during the dry winter season because they release moisture all throughout the room.

5. Plants also give a natural and healing scent.

There are a lot of fragrant plants that you can put inside your house or room. And one of which is the Citrus Hystrix. This plant is a great choice especially if you want your house to smell naturally good. Instead of buying air fresheners that contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment, why not use a plant that can do the job for your sans the harmful chemical substance. You are not only helping the environment but you are also promoting more growth for plants.

6. Plants also help reduce stress.

Many scientists have studied and shown that putting plants inside your home promotes a healthy environment by reducing stress. It also eliminates fatigue especially on people who come home from work stressed. The Bamboo Palm, for example, is a great choice if you want to put plants at home or even at your office. This plant helps balance the humidity inside and eliminates or reduces carbon dioxide that is being emitted.

7. Plants help you get better sleep at night.

Due to stress in work or in school, getting a full 8-hour sleep can be difficult to achieve especially when there’s a lot of things to do and 24 hours a day may seem not enough for you. So one of the recommended things that you can actually do in order to compensate for the lack of sleep is putting plants beside your bed or on your bed table. Many studies have proven that the vapor that is being released from plants such as Lavender or Jasmine can actually help you get a restful sleep at night. Its smell actually helps you calm.

Having plants at home do really have health benefits. They are not only good for physical health but also for mental health. Plants bring so much positivity and relaxation. If you are interested on getting to know more about plants that give health benefits to you, you may contact any expert florist today.

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