Great Tips for Living in your Garden in a Mobile Home

Before you can start a building project, it is important to know where you are going to live during the self-build or major renovation. One of the most cost-effective options is to live on-site in a mobile home.

So, you have a plot you want to self-build or there is a major renovation. You might have sold your existing property so you can get enough funds for your project and you are waiting for the work to start. Unless you plan on moving in with your in-laws, which can end up testing family bonds, or you don’t have enough money to rent locally, then the best option for accommodation is purchasing a mobile home (the most common option is a static mobile home). With this, you are going to live at the site.

This is going to be another expense for you, which is why you want value for your money. What are some of the benefits you can expect to get from having a mobile home and how is living on-site?

  • Benefits of Living On-Site
  • Taking deliveries at all hours
  • Closely monitoring progress
  • Keeping an eye on your tools and materials during the weekends and evenings

Living in a Mobile home

A static mobile home is the best option if you are after maximum comfort living in a mobile home – if you’re interested visit here for more information.

Checklist for Living On-Site

Informing the planning department that you plan on living in a static mobile home on-site while building

Ensuring you can get insurance for your mobile home and its content

A self-built insurance cover usually comes with the option of covering site mobile homes

You should not choose the first option you come across – shop around to find the best deal

It is a good idea to have a detailed schedule of work so you will have an easier time tracking which trades are going to be on the site and for how long. This will also help ensure you stick to the schedule.

What to Consider from the Start?

The Need for Services

The first task will be to arrange for services to be brought to make it possible for you to live in a mobile home with water, electricity, and drainage (Heating, cooking appliances, and hot water can be electric, but they can also be run using LPG cylinders)

One good thing about this is the fact that you are going to need these services once you are done with the house and you need it connected to these services. During the early stages, having internet and telephone services will be important.

Is Planning Permission for a Mobile home Needed?

You might need to get permission from the planning authority if you want to set up a static mobile home. In most instances, the mobile home is usually located temporarily on a site and lived when it is a connection with the development being done, like building a house. These vary from one council to another, which makes it important to include the mobile home as part of your planning application.

Access Requirements

The final thing to put into consideration is access. If you are planning to get a mobile home that is 13ft wide, then the minimum width of your lane should be 13 feet, or you might be forced to use a crane to carry it over the house.

Take your time and have a look at the different options, which varies in specification and size – making it important to talk to experts so they can address any concerns or questions you might be having. There is no need to spend a lot of money on something without knowing if it is going to meet your requirements.

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