A Good Neighbor's Approach to Yard Work

Everyone lucky enough to own a yard is always looking for ways to make gardening easier and create a space where they can relax, grow, and enjoy. But, if you have a garden and love to do yard work, you may be bothering your neighbors without realizing it. While you’re perfectly within your right to garden, you don’t want to upset others on your street, so here is a good neighbor’s approach to yard work to ensure you keep the peace. 

Don’t Try Everything Yourself 

Even if you fancy yourself an experienced and talented gardener, there are some things you should never try yourself. This usually involves anything that will disrupt the neighborhood substantially or long-term. If you need to remove an obstruction in your yard or prepare for landscaping, contact a Local Tree Service Company to take over. Otherwise, you risk causing significant damage to your property and other properties, too. 

Respect the Local Laws 

Did you know that it could be illegal to grow your own food in your own backyard? Not many people bother to read the local and state laws planning their garden, which could get them in trouble if a nosy neighbor decides they don’t like something. Educating yourself on what you can and can’t do will ensure you don’t cause any issues around the neighborhood and ensures you don’t accidentally plant invasive or toxic plants that could impact the local ecosystem. 

Save Mowing For A Sensible Time 

It doesn’t matter who you are. No one likes being woken up by the aggressive whirring of a lawn mower. You wouldn’t want it to happen to you, so don’t subject your neighbors to the same thing. Even if you prefer to get an early start on your yard work, mowing can always wait until you’re satisfied the majority of the street is up and about. In the meantime, enjoy the quaint silence of the morning with a coffee and admire what you’ve managed to achieve with your yard so far. 

Let People Know What’s Happening 

If you have a vast landscaping job planned, it’s a simple courtesy to let others know what is happening. This will save any surprises and also ensures they can make allowances. While backyard work shouldn't cause too many problems, landscape gardeners may need to take up space on the street. As long as you let neighbors know and don’t block any driveways, you shouldn't have a problem. 

Offer to Help Others 

Not everyone enjoys gardening, while elderly or otherwise abled residents may not have the skills or ability to garden themselves. You can offer to start a community garden that grows a range of fruit and vegetables for all while lending your skills and passion to other lawns around the neighborhood (for a charge or not) can help you get to know people and shows that you care about keeping their gardens looking pristine. 

A Good Neighbor 

There are many things a good neighbor can do to ensure they don’t upset the rest of the street. No one wants to go to war with people they live next to, so these tips should keep things running smoothly and you might even be able to find some common ground with people you may otherwise never speak to.

Posted in Homeowners, Gardening on Apr 19, 2023