Gearing Up For Winter– 5 Tips To Winterizing your Home

Winter is the season of festivity, snow, and spending quality time with your loved ones. However, this season is slightly different due to the continuous spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. It is important that you equip your home with all the adequate requirements for this winter so that you and your family can enjoy the season without any fear.

Winterizing your home usually doesn't burn a deep hole in your pocket and can be done with or without professional help. The following five tips will help you furnish your home efficiently to ensure you can make the most out of this season, despite all the gloom around.

Tips To Winterize Your Home

1. Check Your Roof For Any Damage

You must make sure your roof is not damaged or bears any crevices as it can be a recipe for disaster in the winter. It is vital that you inspect your roof for any cracks to make sure no leakages occur due to rainwater, snow, or moisture amassing. You can examine your roof by yourself. However, the exercise must get carried out with the right equipment for your safety. The following pointers will help you understand how to examine your roof efficiently:

Check if your roof is piled up with moss, algae, or leaves. If so, get the elements removed as they can damage your ceiling.

While inspecting your ceiling, check for old or damaged shingles as they can cause severe damage. If you find broken shingles on your roof, get them repaired ASAP.

2. Inspect Your HVAC

Your HVAC is a critical device for your family to stay warm from the cold winds and snowstorms. To ensure your system is in good working condition, make sure to clean the furnace's surrounding areas. You can also wash and wipe the air filters of the device for maximum efficiency. However, at times your device can start malfunctioning due to normal wear, to get through this check out, and pick a warranty plan that protects your device. You can also check out the tips mentioned below to understand what more you can do for optimal output:

Always ensure that there is no obstruction near the system when your device is active.

When your device is not in use, turn off its primary power source, as keeping it on when it’s not active can cause long-term damage to the system.

3. Make Sure Your Water Heater Functions Normally

A water heater is an essential aspect that you and your family need to get through the cold nights. Over time dust and debris can accumulate at the bottom of the water heater, causing it to malfunction. To overcome this, clean the device or get it inspected by a trained technician to ensure it functions smoothly. Read the pointers below to figure out other ways to make sure your system operators smoothly:

Due to excessive usage, the pressure valve of the device can start giving trouble, make sure to always check whether this part of the system is in good condition.

It is also essential to check your device's anode rod to verify whether the system works well. Over time sediments can damage the rod, causing your device to malfunction.

4. Examine Your Garage Door Opener

You and your family members need to carry on with everyday activities, such as going to work or school. Your garage door opener must operate perfectly to ensure all your daily activities get done on time, and you can drive out smoothly. You must inspect the appliance's hardware to check whether all the nuts and bolts are in place. Other vital aspects to check for your appliance are as follows:

The belt of the appliance is crucial for its functioning. To understand whether the tract functions well, check whether the door opens smoothly or gets stuck in-between.

The hardware of the door is essential for its smooth performance. Inspect if there are any cracks on the door that hinder its functioning.

5. Purchase A Home Warranty Plan

The systems and appliances in your home are crucial for you to get through the winter season. A home warranty policy protects your devices if they get damaged due to normal wear and tear. For affordable repairs and replacements this winter season, a home warranty plan is your best bet.

One of the top home warranty companies offering excellent services to customers at affordable rates is American Home Shield. However, if you want to know more about warranties and customer evaluations read other customer reviews before making your decision. Some crucial aspects you should know about home warranties are as follows:

A home warranty plan costs you between $300-$700 annually, depending on the company you pick. Each time you file a request for repairs, a service call fee is charged, ranging from $50-$200.

Home warranties come with several other benefits such as: 24/7 customer support, an extensive network of contractors, trained technicians, customizable plans, coverage for pre-existing conditions, peace of mind, etc.

The Final Word

Involving all family members to winterize your home will make the whole process enjoyable. Crucial decisions such as how to go about particular tasks ensures each member feels involved throughout the journey of preparing your home for winter. Ultimately, spending quality family time and bonding will guarantee you enjoy this winter season like no other.

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