Gardening Tips to Beautify your Home

Did you know? You have more options to beautify your residence in Baton Rouge, LA, than you can imagine. Interior design, furniture, electronics, and everything else you can add to your house are on the table. But amongst all these choices, there's only one that serves several other purposes besides improving the look of your home - Plants.

Adding the touch of nature to make any house look elegant is a common practice in these times. Most people prefer it because plants do a lot more than make a place livelier. They keep the aroma fresh and closed spaces well-oxygenated for the residents. There's a wide variety to pick from, so you are not limited to colors while making a choice. Plus, plants can be reliable companions to share an environment anywhere around the house. But above all else, gardening can be a great hobby when you need a distraction from work and stress.

You need to plan if you wish to go ahead with this option. You will have to look after its maintenance, invest time and energy, and carry it forward with commitment. It's the only way you can expect plants or an entire garden to survive around your home.

With this detail in mind, if you were planning extensively for a garden with trees and vines, then the idea of removing dead ones might trouble you. Fortunately, you can find professionals for clearing shrubs, bushes, or tree removal in Baton Rouge LA, if you are looking at the right place. Calling the experienced workers, when required, will make the job breezy without adding stuff to your plate.

As far as more ideas are concerned, here are some gardening tips to beautify your home that will blow people away. Use them as they are, or experiment to come up with something unique and original. The ball is in your court.

1. Experiment with Colors

Let's get the obvious things out of the way first. The crudest understanding and attachment of any individual is with the color of plants. You can use flowering plants to meet this requirement and go as exotic as you want your room to appear.

There's the option of picking a handful of colors or having the entire palette on display. You can think of a pattern to arrange these plants to improve the presentation. Using flowering and non-flowering plants with a different color tone is a decent start for experimenting. You can also try variations like floor pots, ceiling plants, a hanging garden, or an isolated display. The possibilities are endless.

2. Handle the Weeds

Next, no one would appreciate plants conquered by wild weeds. They will be a random addition destroying the look of your plants and acting as parasites. If that happens, no amount of effort could save your indoor display.

Ensure that you keep an eye out for them and pluck them whenever you are treating your plants. You can also consider the option of using separate pots with small plants. They will be a lot easier to manage and maintain with minimal risk of wild weeds taking over. Or, if it complements your display, you can also add mulch to prevent it from taking root.

3. Decide a Theme

The concept of themes is not as rare or foreign as it used to be. Everything has one, so why not your precious display of plants.

You can set this idea in motion using the color themes of flowers in the room. Multiple variations of the sizes of pots you are using could liven it up even further. If it's a staircase or a passageway that you are lining with plants, you might also consider adding colors to the pots. They can be great pointers as well as decoration pieces for your visitors.

Try to maintain a balance here, though. You don't want your guests thinking that you stuffed random places with cheap pots. Maintain the vibe and focus on enhancing the feel of the room as a whole.

4. Organize Serene Spaces

Outdoor spaces are as much a place for you to experiment with plants as any other. For a garden on the high end, you can try multiple variations to lift its spirits and communicate with the audience.

While you may not be physically present, a carefully organized can do the talking for you. A wooden bench in the shade or sunlight could be a reader's comfort zone. A stone pathway lined with trees, using a planter as an entrance to it, could be welcoming for people.

The use of different ornaments can draw out the same effect. A hanging lamp or bell hanging from the branch of a tree, for instance, will inadvertently draw the attention of people passing by.

5. Embrace Unique Garden Art

A well-thought garden can reflect pieces of your soul if you poured your energy into it. There are many unique garden arts and concepts you can use if you are willing to embrace them. Not only will they enhance your plants' look, but have the environment dictate its feel and story.

The list of options is long, but you can start with a criss-cross garden ceiling. You can use it to hang plants, limit the sunlight, and keep the birds at bay. Building on from that, you can use different ceiling hangings, like a pot or a basket cradle, that's cozy and adorable.

If the setup is entirely indoors, wooden furniture works best with plants. You can use bamboo blinds as separators and go for a random distribution of plants across the room. If you can accept it, then you can consider adding a garden ceiling to this setup. All these are great ideas to beautify your home elegantly.

6. Use Lived-In Arrangements

Not everyone might agree to the idea, but having miniature lived-in arrangements in your garden is lovable. You can use souvenirs, ornaments, antiques, and many similar items to achieve it. It will make a newly settled garden appear as if it's blooming for ages. Plus, people love to let their imaginations loose at the sight of these arrangements.

Suppose if you can't digest having them there for no reason. In that case, you can use the collectibles from your travels or something with a historical context. All these ideas are raw, so you can proceed as you like.


All these gardening tips to beautify your home can work wonders for you if you use them well. The choices are unlimited, but keep in mind to aim for a balance. Going overboard with anything might achieve the opposite of what you were aiming for while planning. Recruit help or a consultation wherever needed. And remember that it should be a means of escape from your monotonous life.

Posted in Gardening on Nov 12, 2020