Garden Pests An Exterminator Won’t Kill And Why

It’s a hard sell for any pest control company to say we won’t kill that pest. I mean they’re literally called pests, and we want to control them so they stay away from our homes. But the best pest control companies have a list of pests that they just won’t kill, because they do some pretty important things. This is so important, especially in bigger cities like London where the ecosystem needs to be protected.

Some pests are essential to the natural balance of the world. We want to give you a pest control guide on some of the pests that make a meaningful contribution to the globes ecosystem.


bee in a garden is not a pest

Pest control for bees in the garden can be really tricky. We don’t want them to sting us, and we don’t want nests on our property. But then we don’t want to kill them either, because they are the world’s single most important pollinator.

Without bees, the development of life on earth could drastically change. We still depend on them every day without realising, because a third of all the food in the world relies on bee pollination. Life as we know it would end if we didn’t have bees. Which is why some pest controllers will not kill them.


Spiders are the best pest controllers nature could give us in our gardens. Just one spider can eat up to 2000 insects a year. They’re brilliant at preventing lots of different pests and even stop them from feeding on crops and other natural resources.

If spiders weren’t around to protect us, insects could essentially take over the world. Insect populations would rise so quickly that the entire ecosystem could collapse. These insect swarms would eat all of the world’s food, leaving us to face famine. So they’re pretty important insects that pest controllers often won’t mess with!


Much like spiders, bats living in and around your garden also eat insects. This makes them some of nature’s best pest controllers too. Without bats, the same as spiders, insects could destroy the ecosystem and leave us high and dry when it comes to food.

Different species of bats have other important natural functions as well. Fruit bats pollinate plants and can even disperse seeds too.

When looking at controlling these pests, consider how bad the problem is before you jump the gun and get rid of them completely. After all, they can be critical in helping you grow delicious vegetables :)

pest free garden scene

Posted in Gardening on Feb 11, 2018