Four Benefits of Adding a Fountain to Your Outdoor Pond or Lake

1. Stagnant Water

If you have a pond or a lake on your property, without proper filtration or movement, the water can become stagnant. When this happens, many problems can ensue. When water is stagnant it could cause the growth and festering of many microorganisms, this can potentially cause someone harm. The problem with stagnant water is that it will also attract many insects as well as other animal which you do not necessarily want around your property.

If you have ever had an issue with stagnant water in your basement, I am sure you noticed the bad odor that accompanied it as well as its scummy surface. The mold and bacteria that are forming is what causes this scummy surface. Due to the fact that stagnant water can be a problem, an important addition to a lake or pond is an outdoor fountain. The water in the lake or pond will be cycled by an outdoor fountain; this will prevent any issues with stagnant water.

2. Bye, Bye Bugs

Whether you own a manmade or a natural pond or lake, several issues will accompany it. One of the biggest issues is the fascination that insects have with water. We are not talking about gnats and flies that are basically harmless, we are referring to insects such as bees, wasps and yellow jackets that are actually dangerous.

Drinking from your pond or lake is something that these insects love and some of them even feed off of the growing organisms. If you have running water, there will be fewer insects inhabiting your area. This is due to the fact that the water is constantly churning and that makes it very difficult for there to be life growth in the water, it also makes drinking the water difficult for the insects.

3. Added Value

Homeowners commonly build a small lake or pond in their backyards. The reasoning is that a large backyard is better used as a focal point as opposed to something that has to consistently be mowed. By adding a pond or a lake you can easily increase the overall worth of your home. Being as a homeowner will not have to overly tend to is by adding more chemicals than are really necessary, adding an outdoor water fountain to your pond or lake will slightly increase this value – look at these options from Outdoor Fountain Pros.

4. Area for Relaxation

On tough days or if you simply need a brief break from a hectic life, a lake or pond makes for an ideal place to take that break and relax. When you have an outdoor fountain, you can also add lights and even music to your lake or pond. You will have many a soothing night as you suit by the side of your pond and enjoy the sound of the running water.

Posted in Homeowners on Dec 09, 2016