Fantastic Ideas For Your Garden Bar

Are you planning to add a bar to your garden? Do you want to have the ultimate garden pub? Here are a few recommendations for you to make the best use of your garden space when hearing about.

There is no dearth of decor inspirations for a home pub but we have chosen some of the best ideas for you to add to your bar. We have got everything ranging from drinking accessories to interior ideas. Whether you are just getting started or you have already built a bar, you will surely find our simple decor ideas useful.

1. Add Signs to Your Garden Bar

Nobody likes bare walls and you do not want any for your outdoor garden pub. In fact, it is a great place for you to add some scintillating wall decor to your pub. All kinds of wall decors are available today ranging from wood to tins. Some people like to add ones with old slogans and humorous phrases to add character to their bar. If you prefer to give some personality and add some humor to your bar, consider hanging a wooden sign with appropriate slogan.

2. Footrest

It is more of a necessity than a luxury. When you have footsteps in your bar, your guests will feel welcome and they will be able to rest their feet nicely after a long day at work. A foot stool will help you and your guests to savor the drinks in comfort, and enjoy the atmosphere.

3. Add Some Mirrors

Another option for you to add some zing to your home bar is a bar mirror. Beer and liquor companies have long used bar mirrors for advertising. If you look closely, you will find that your favorite pub also has some commercial grade bar mirrors and you too can have one in your own bar.

4. Drafts

Make it official with drinks on tap in your garden bar. Having drinks from the bottle or can is old. Also, it is really time consuming to serve drinks from the kitchen or the bar. However, when you have a beer keg or tap, you will not only save time and money but your guests will also feel amazed.

5. Matching Barware

When you dream of your ideal garden bar, you must be thinking of matching barware or glassware to go with the chosen style. So, bring your dreams to reality and invest in some high quality glassware to add to the overall style of your garden pub. Alternatively add some glowing flare to your social hour, grab some light up barware.

There are all kinds of glassware available today to be used for a wide variety of drinks including juices, beers, wines or cocktails among other things. Here is a list of some of the basic shapes for each glass style (The Spruce eats).

  • Shot Glasses
  • The Highball and Collins glasses
  • Cocktail or Martini glasses
  • The Old-fashioned glasses
  • Margarita glass

6. Have Some Fun

There are times when drinking gets a little boring and this is where having a fun activity such as a dart board available right at your bar will allow you and your guests to have some fun together.

Add a dart board and entertain your guests. When adding a dart board, do not forget to invest in a cabinet that has a built in chalkboard to keep score and keep things interesting.

7. Stools

Kat bar stools make for a great addition to your dream garden pub. Take a look around and see if there is an empty keg shell lying somewhere. Just clean it out and convert it into a bar stool. It is not that difficult. Use this guide from HomeSteady to learn how to build a keg bar stool.

8. Ice Bucket

No garden bar can be complete without ice on hand. In fact, an ice bucket is the accessory everyone should have. It keeps the ice ready for everyone during a dinner, an event or a party. You can also use it to keep your wine, bottle of champagne or other drinks chilled.

Invest in a good quality ice bucket to keep your guests’ drinks chilled by adding ice cubes.

There is no dearth of bar supplies to add to your home pub. However, it is your home pub. Make it your own by adding your own taste when it comes to designs and ideas.

Posted in Homeowners on Jul 21, 2020