Everything You Need to Know About Pool Cleaners

In regards to pool cleaners, two different definitions come from this term. One, the automatic/automated pool cleaners which are vacuum cleaners and are mainly used in specific to the collection of debris and sediments from the swimming' pools and second, the technicians who ensure pools are kept clean and services the major pool equipment.


The drive mechanism and source of power classifies automatic pool cleaners into three main types i.e the suction side pool cleaners, the pressure side pool cleaners and the electric/robotic pool cleaners.

1. Suction side cleaner

Pumps water out of the pool through its skimmer which is used to aid movement. The debris are filtered through the pool outlet valves after which they are suctioned and returned into pool's filter.

2. Pressure-side

Employs the use of secondary 'booster' pump whereby the pool water inflow is highly pressurized and used for movement while the debris suction engages the Venturi effect. Not all models have the booster pump.

3. The Electric/Robotic

Being' independent from the pool's main filter and pump, this type of automated cleaners is powered by separate electricity source which in most cases, appear in the form of set-down transformer maintained at least 10 feet away from the water in the pool which in most cases is on the pool desk.

It has got a set of two internal motors whereby one sucks in water via self-contained filter bags and returns the filtered water back at high speed into the pool water. The other which is a drive motor, connected to tractor-like synthetic tracks (brushes) connected by plastic bands through metal shafts scrubs the walls of the pool.


As long' as this equipment helps in ensuring' the cleanliness standards in our pools are maintained, care and maintenance of them are just as essential as the cleanliness of these pools. Below are some of the care and support activities appropriate to them.

Keep Them Clean

During' the removal of (all types of) cleaners from the pool, ensure you rinse off the whole cleaner inclusive of its working' components so as to reduce chlorine and any other chemicals that may stick on it hence reducing' chances of degradation, wear and tear of its parts.

Screen Test

For the pressure-side and suction-side cleaners, consider keeping' their screens clean at all times. Remember, if sand or grit is forced off into the (pressure) cleaner via the main pipe, these screens are clogged up thereby reducing' the performance quality of these equipment.

Check for wear and tear

If the tires get badly worn out, the body of the cleaner starts to scrap against the surface of the pool. Therefore it's important to at least check the tires once in a season.

Since a debris free and clean glittering pools are admirable qualities in the swimming pools for both the pool owners and swimmers, the above-expounded pool cleaners are just as good as each other though some like the suction pool cleaners may not favour bigger pools, it is just important to select only the one which will serve you the best.

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Posted in Homeowners on May 25, 2017