Effective Pest Control Principles for Winter

While it may be true that warm temperatures rather than cooler ones are known for bringing pests out of hiding, our team of pest control professionals in Charleston and Columbia have some helpful hints for handling pests during wintertime.

Make Sure Gutters Are Cleaned

There are numerous types of pests that seek warm nesting and breeding spots, and gutters that are filled with leaves, sticks and other types of debris can be ideal for them. If these areas are not kept clean, it is quite possible that pests will set up shop there.

Keep Firewood Stored Away From The Home

Piles of firewood kept in reserve for use during the cooler months are known for moisture accumulations, something which makes them a comfortable place for roaches according to Pest Control by Eliminate Ltd. Take steps to prevent an infestation of your home by making sure that firewood piles are covered and do not sit any closer than 20 feet away from the foundation of your house.

Give Plants A Good Rinse

Anytime you bring an outdoor plant into the house to protect it from teh cold, make sure you give them a good hosing in advance. Otherwise, pests that may well be living in the plant's foliage will come into the home, causing a great deal of trouble that can be a hassle to remedy.

Be Vigilant About Crumbs

Holiday celebrations are known for their delicious and plentiful food offerings. It is important, however, to take great care after all holiday feasts to clean food scraps and crumbs from flooring and countertops. Pests love to make themselves at home living off of the food debris they can find within your house, so get rid of the opportunity before they can do so.

Do Your Fall Raking

With autumn comes the inevitable shedding of large quantities of leaves onto the ground. The fact is that these piles can be wonderfully warm and cozy spots for pests to take up residence. Therefore, spend some time eliminating large accumulations of leaves from your yard spaces, particularly any that sit near your house.

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