A Custom Pool Can Be Life-Changing

If you’re one of many folks who take pride in your yard and its landscaping, you may have considered having a pool installed, but not yet taken the plunge (pun intended!). Well, it may be easier, cheaper, and have more benefits than you previously thought.

Here’s some reasons why a backyard pool will improve your life: 

  • Your health. This one should be pretty obvious, but in case you weren’t aware, swimming is arguably the best low-impact exercise. You get a high-quality cardiovascular workout while minimizing stress on your joints. There’s also the benefit of stress relief … and who couldn’t use less stress in their lives?
  • Your family. It’s tough to get today’s kids away from their various screens. But once you introduce a pool into their lives, your kids will all but forget about those pesky cell phones and tablets. Think of all the family bonding you’ll have and memories you’ll create in your new pool.
  • Your resale value.  It’s been estimated that a pool can increase your resale value by up to 7%. That’s a ton of money. And some buyers will only consider houses with a pool.
  • Less vacations.  A lot of people love traveling across the world to expensive, all-inclusive resorts in order to sit by the pool all day. But what if you could enjoy that same luxury in your backyard? Think how much money your family would save.

 So now that you’ve seen what great things a pool can bring to your life, the next question you probably have is … what are the logistics involved?

Find a Designer

First, you’ll need to find a local, reputable custom pool design company.  Our favorite Custom Pool Company in The Woodlands, TX is without a doubt, Carnahan.  I recommend using Yelp to find the best one near you.

Decide on a Design

The designer will do an initial analysis of your property to figure out easements, access, utilities, and any potential construction issues.  Then, they’ll come to your house, look at your yard, and sit down with you to discuss your ideas.  Next, they’ll use 3D modeling software to create a beautiful design for your approval.

pool design consultant

It’s important to note that most reputable custom pool companies focus on in low-maintenance, durable pools that optimize power consumption to keep your maintenance and utility bills as low as possible.

Even if your have a limited budget, they can work with you to come up with a custom pool that fits your wallet and your available yard space.

Start Construction

After you’ve approved the design and signed off on the contract, the custom pool service can begin construction. This typically takes 4-5 weeks (weather permitting).


Now’s the fun part! Grab your family, get your swimsuits, and jump on in!

family jumping in pool

Hopefully now you can see that by installing a custom pool in your yard, you can improve your health, your relationship with your family, and your home’s resale value, amongst other things. And it’s easier, risk-free, and more affordable than you probably imagined.

Posted in Homeowners on Mar 15, 2017