Create Diversity in Your Garden with a She Shed

Men have their special workshops and hobby rooms, also known as man caves. These are places where they generally go to be alone and get away from all the people and stresses in their life.

Nowadays, women are creating their own versions of man caves, popularly known as “she sheds.” This is one step up from a hobby room or garage workshop because it is a separate shed unit in the backyard that is away from the house. That means no noise or people to bother you.

Many women will build their own sheds if their property doesn’t already have one. There are shed kits available from various custom developers which allow you to set up a shed on your own for a very affordable price.

Then you can turn the shed into a separate room for practising whatever hobby you may have.

Check out five important benefits that she sheds provide their owners:

1. Cheaper Than Home Renovations

If you were to build an additional room onto your existing house, it would cost you anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000.

On top of that, you must contend with all the noise from the contractors as they work on your home and modify it.

She sheds are a much cheaper way to go that is also less annoying. You can pick up a she shed kit for around $2,000 to $5,000, depending on the size and customisations that you want for it.

2. Increase Your Property’s Value

When you build a shed in the backyard of your existing property, it will increase the value of it tremendously.

People love to purchase homes that have a shed in the backyard. It is an addition that will even be included in the official appraisal value.

With just a $5,000 investment for a new shed, you could potentially increase your property’s selling price by more than $10,000 or $20,000.

3. Possible to Live In

If you had an argument with your husband or you just want to get away for a while, it is possible to live in a “she shed” if the proper customisations are made.

For instance, if you have elected to have plumbing and electricity installed in the shed, you will have everything you need to live there. Just put in a tiny refrigerator, bed and television, and you are good to go.

4. Personalisation

She sheds can be made into anything. Some women like to turn them into mini-greenhouses, while others will make them their own personal hobby room.

You could use the “she shed” to sew, read, write, paint, practice yoga or whatever else you’re interested in doing alone. All you need to do is get creative and see how you can take advantage of the available space that you have in there.

5. Complete Privacy

It is hard to find a quiet place to have absolute privacy. Even if you lock yourself in your bedroom, there are always kids or a husband coming around to bother you when you want to be alone.

When you go to a “she shed”, it will send a clear signal to everyone in the house that you want to have some alone time. And with the noise of the home so far away, you won’t hear any yelling, screaming or complaining nearby.

Image via Pixabay CC0 license

Posted in Homeowners on Oct 13, 2018


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