Community Gardens in NYC

If you’re looking for a community garden in NYC, look no further! Community gardens are great. They provide so much value to the world. Here’s just some of the many positive aspects of community gardens:

  • They promote healthy eating, exercise, and good nutrition. Numerous studies have found that community gardeners have better diets than non-gardening families. There’s also a ton of physical and mental benefits from the exercise activities involved in tending to a garden.
  • They’re great for the environment. The vegetation restores oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide from the air. The plants and soil help filter rainwater, keeping nearby streams, rivers, and lakes cleaner. The plants help reduce noise pollution. And of course, more locally-grown food means less greenhouse gas emissions from transportation.
  • They help youth. Children and teenagers that participate in community gardens learn valuable life skills, like business, math, work ethic, community stewardship, and environmental sustainability. They also help keep these youth off the streets and out of trouble.
  • They reduce crime. Community gardens help neighbors meet each other, which seems less common nowadays. They have also been linked to a reduction in crime. More eyes on the street means less chance of criminal activity.
  • They improve property values. In Milwaukee, properties within 250 feet of gardens experienced an increase of $24.77 with every foot, and the average garden was estimated to add approximately $9,000 a year to the city tax revenue.

So as you can see, community gardens are an incredible addition to any urban area.

One major problem, though, is their popularity. In many cities, including New York City, there’s waitlists for community gardens, sometimes even multi-year waits. That’s unfortunate for all the would-be gardeners out there that simply want a space to grow their fruits, veggies, herbs, and flowers, and maybe make some friends along the way.

That’s where YardYum comes in.

We realized that most every metropolitan area has unused yard (ie garden-ready) space, either from local homeowners, schools, churches, or even businesses.

So why not allow these landowners to rent out their unused space to local gardeners who want to start a garden but don’t have room for it wherever they live?

One of the best parts is, instead of paying $ to rent the yard, gardeners can give owners a portion of their yield. So it’s truly a win-win situation.

Learn how YardYum can help gardeners:

And here’s how YardYum can help landowners:

If that sounds good to you, sign up (it’s 100% free) and get started with a “community garden” in NYC:  

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Such a great idea. I just shared this with my cousin in NYC that's looking for gardening space!

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