Clean your Grill and Start Loving your BBQ Again

Are you aware that the trick to better-tasting steaks lies in the cleanliness of your BBQ? Given this, you would surely want to assess the levels of cleanliness of your stainless-steel, enamel or other kinds of grill.

As cooking with an unclean BBQ is deplorable, and quite dangerous, it is important that you take good care of your grilling equipment at all times. Food bits and built up grease are reasons for full-fledged fires and small flare-ups. Plus, grimy grilling surfaces are known to give off unpleasant flavors and tend to get in the way of grill sear marks that make the food cooked by you all the more appealing. Here, we intend to walk you through some essential yet simple ways of maintaining your grill in the proper and safe manner. Once you get the hang of these tips, you will find your bbq experiences getting tastier, cleaner and safer than before.

Open and pull it apart

At the very onset of your cleaning process, you need to rip open the outer parts to get to the main grilling chamber. In general, this part of your bbq will be found lying below the grill. As this is the very area where the heavy food particles and grease drippings land, it is very important to clean the same thoroughly and without ado.

Clean the interior of your grill box

The grill’s interior is another area that becomes home to fallen food particles and plenty of grease. You may want to invest in a plastic or metal putty knife or an old spatula for scraping away the extra particles from the grill, chamber. The tool used by you should have a thin and flat surface; it should also provide the right kind of control and grip so that you may go about the cleaning process smoothly and without harming your fingers. Consider using a pair of hand gloves for all cleaning purposes as the ensuing tasks are likely to be dirty.

Clean the burner tubes

If your BBQ possesses a gas grill, the parts that would often suffer from clogs and the presence of errant substances are the burner tubes. Reduced flame size happens to be one of the strongest indications of having dirty burners. In case you spot that your flames are orange in color, rather than blue, then it is indeed time to get your burners cleaned by a specialist. As clogged burners may lead to an underpowered grill and abnormally low temperatures, it is a good idea to go about the maintenance and cleaning processes at the earliest.

In general, gas grills are known to have multiple burner tubes while some may possess just a single one. You would require a steel or nylon wire brush to clean the tiny holes present on the surface of the burners. While cleaning, move your strokes from the center to the outside areas to gain optimal results. Also, do remember to move sideways rather than up and down when you go about the task of cleaning the burners. In case you refrain from doing so, you will find the dirt debris being pushed back into the burner tube or holes, thus clogging them further.

Clean the grates

Assemble the grill before heating it to its highest temperature setting; then, go ahead and close the hood. After a few moments, open the lid before starting the vigorous scraping process for cleaning the grates; you may like to use a non-bristled metallic grill brush for the purpose.

Prevent future buildup

Certain practices are helpful in discouraging the formation of dirt and grease deposits in the first place itself. For instance, the act of greasing the grates of your grill when it is hot, and right before the cooking process begins, is a good way of keeping corrosion away. It is also advisable that you clean off the hot grates with a bristleless grill brush before and post grilling to keep your BBQ as good as new.

BBQ Grill Cleaning specialists are experienced, professionally trained repairmen who can do wonders with your barbecue experiences. If you have been grappling with the corrosion caused by salty air or grease, you may want to have your bbq grill checked and repaired by these specialists. Additionally, you may ask them to restore the shine on the surface of your grilling equipment, take care of the wear and tears caused by natural elements, check the heat emanating from the burners, and so forth. In a nutshell, you will be happy to avail the professional support of these servicemen – contact them at the earliest!

Posted in Homeowners on Jan 09, 2018