Choosing Driveway Gates for your Home and Garden

Driveway gates automatically raise the property's value and serve other crucial purposes as well. Properties that are fitted with driveway gates have a higher sense of security. You are in charge of who gets in. Allowing in a visitor the doors elegantly move apart leaving the visitors with a good first impression.

Evaluating the various factors that come with purchasing these types of gates helps you in advance to settle for designs that are suitable for your needs. If you’re interested in new gates then visit to view their range of gates. First things first we are going to start by discussing the importance of these kinds of driveway gates.

1) When choosing a spot for your gate, go for a place that provides enough waiting space while the gate opens. Similarly, ensure to have a clear space that will enable the gate to open with no obstruction, this includes uneven ground or a driveway that is not entirely flat.

2)Have the right measurements in place between your posts before setting them up measure them at least twice. Have some white flour to make the spots where you will set up your posts. Once you put the posts in their respective holes, measure the distance once more just to be certain.

3) Have a string run between the two stakes in a line that shows the bottom of your gate when it hung. Use the line to level everything up. Make sure the ground where the gate will hang is flat Given the fact that your gate hangs only a few inches off the ground, you might be surprised that the little sand that was left unattended now is on the way to the gate.

4) When making the holes for the post, choose holes that are not a perfect circle as this stops the posts from twisting.

5) When making your concrete, ensure that it’s a bit rigid. Watery concrete will mean you will have to hold on to your post as they set.

6) Have in place a level and plumb line when erecting your posts into the concrete. If your posts are not strong enough the gate may not hang properly. While doing this ensure to measure the distance once again between the posts.

7) Utilize an adjustable hinge to compensate for any small deviation that may occur from the plumb.

8) If you are putting in place an automatic gate opener and wondering what can serve as a connection between the posts when inaugurating two opening swing gates, a PVC pipe is a good choice. Cord the PVC with a string to tie it to the wire so you can use it to pull when you are done.

9) If you already have pillars in position and you are considering attaching your gates directly to them, it is advisable to use posts right in the back of the pillars, especially if you are planning to automate your gate. There will be no need to drill the pillars and this will provide enough space where the opener can move more freely.

10) Go through every manual and assemble all the tools you need for the job before starting the exercise.

Posted in Homeowners on Apr 11, 2022