Check These 6 Facts About Bonsai Before Planting Them in Your Home

Bonsai is a Japanese form of art where trees are grown in containers. Similar practices were also found in China and now this practice has become a raving fashion worldwide. The cute and petite smaller versions of plants have evolved as one of the striking home décor idea and thus you can buy Bonsai Plants online and enhance the beauty of your home. But before you buy these wonder bonsai plants, you must know certain basic principles to home a healthy Bonsai which are narrated below:

  1. Lack or Scarcity of Water: Like any other plant, Bonsai tree would also die if there is lack or scarcity of water. That means it cannot be under-watered. Actually, the Bonsai plants are placed in shallow bottomed containers and they are designed to drain out water perpetually. The best way to water a Bonsai plant is watering it through a nozzle because stronger spray would wash away the soil and expose the roots. Don’t forget to water twice during summer season and once in winter season.
  2. Choose the Right Environment: Many people go wrong by treating a Bonsai plant like any other regular house plant. Before you buy your Bonsai Plant, please make sure you choose the position of keeping it. This plant type would suit the patio of your home. If you are planning to keep it in outside environment, bring it in during the harsh winters and scorching summers. Before buying, talk to the local nurseries and know more about the environment of Bonsai.
  3. Soil Must Be Right: The regular soil that we use for our flower plants or the regular potting soil won’t work for Bonsai growth. The soil has to have amazing drainage quality and thus loose and grave soils are preferred. You would find Bonsai soil as per the plant type selected in many nurseries and you must look out for them when required.
  4. The Fertilizers Story: There are people who believe that Bonsai are small plants and don’t go because they are lacking proper nutrients. So, please don’t put any regular fertilizers in the soil and bring a death to these cute and sweet plants. Bonsai are small versions of bigger trees and that’s all due to biotechnology. They are pruned and grown to be smaller only. But like other plants, this Bonsai plants also need fertilizers but they have special requirements and you should buy that fertilizer which suits your Bonsai plant.
  5. Use Bonsai Friendly Tools: The regular scissors used for other plants are sharp and thus the surfaces are flat in them. If you use this scissors, it would damage your plant. Buy the Bonsai scissors which are designed to cut wires and branches without posing any danger to the plant. Buy other Bonsai branch cutters, Bonsai wire cutters, and Bonsai wire pliers and trim it timely.
  6. Don’t Over-prune Bonsai: You have to prune the Bonsai to retain the shape and size of this plant. Always remember that correct amount of pruning would lead to proper growth and a pleasant look while over-pruning would damage the Bonsai Plant. An ideal pruning is that where the inner branches are exposed to the Sunlight. Look out for the specialists in this field and talk to them while in confusion.

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Posted in Gardening on Aug 04, 2017


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