The Challenges of Green Pest Control For The Garden

Green pest control can be a challenging prospect. Trying to keep pests at bay whilst still remaining green is difficult. But whilst it can be a struggle, the benefits of having green pest control outweigh the difficulties.

To get rid of many hardy pests in areas like London, eco-friendly pest control isn’t often the go to option. Chemicals and poisons are easier to use, and take half the work to apply. But whilst you apply these substances, you can kill off other species and destroy the environment too.

Being more aware of green pest control can be beneficial in the long run. In this post, Diamond Pest Control, an environmentally aware company delivering responsible pest control in London, outline some of the positive outcomes of investing in green pest control.

Using Pesticides: Their Limitations

When pesticides are applied they linger in the environment. This can be for a few days, or for a few years. Investing in green pest control instead of harsh chemicals reduces the amount of pesticide used in the area. Bee populations in the UK have plummeted in recent years due to pesticide use. Chemical usage has also been attributed to the decline of small mammals and butterflies as well.

Choosing A Green Pest Control Company

As a pest control company that uses green methods wherever possible, Diamond Pest Control try to be as kind to the earth as they can. By choosing a green pest controller, you are helping the planet as well as saving declining wildlife populations. More and more UK residents are choosing to use pest products that are eco-friendly, as well as humane treatments. Along with the use of green products and treatments, they do their best to apply and use techniques that are safer for you and your property.

As part of their environmental awareness, pest control companies can opt for live traps and heat treatments as greener solutions than chemicals. These are the methods that are safe for the environment and for pets and people as well.

Long Term Results

Many people‘s attitude is that green pest control treatments are ineffective. This isn’t true. It’s been proven that greener methods of pest control can have longer lasting and better results than old, conventional methods.

A great example of this is heat treatments for bed bugs. From start to finish, a bed bug heat treatment remains completely eco-friendly, without the use of one single chemical. At the end of the treatment, more bed bugs will have been exterminated than if your home was sprayed for an infestation. The other factor to bear in mind, is that pests are fast becoming resistant to pesticides. The more of these chemicals that are being used, the greater the genetic immunity among pests becomes.

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