The Challenges of Adding a Pool to your Backyard

Are you considering the addition of a pool to your garden? While a pool can be a fantastic investment that can definitely add value to your property, it doesn’t mean that it is the right decision for every homeowner. 

The first and most important part of becoming a pool owner is learning how to deal with some of the most common pool challenges. Bear in mind that whatever you use your garden for, whether for adding a pool or for gardening, there will always be a set of challenges for you to handle. The key aspect of your decision and being happy with it is being aware of the challenges and being comfortable managing them. 

#1. Your pool is a bug targets

One of the primary concerns with having a pool in your garden is the potential for it to attract bugs and insects. Nobody wants to swim with unwelcome guests. However, an open pool in the garden can become a source of water and freshness for insects such as spiders, ants, and more flying pests. You may even notice that the pool can encourage more pests to come to your property, requiring the services of an exterminator to get rid of them. 

Can you pest-proof your pool? To some extent, you can use outdoor bug zappers and citronella torches to deter insects from congregating near the pool area. You can also keep the garden well-maintained around the pool, so there’s less risk of bad surprises. Landscaping experts recommend insect-repelling plants such as marigold and lavender in the proximity of garden pools. 

#2. Rapidly cooling water

During cooler evenings or in the early spring and fall, the water in your pool can chill rapidly, which will  make it less enjoyable for swimming. Unless you install a water heating system around the pool, which would be possible with an indoor pool, it is impossible to enjoy your garden pool all year round. However, you can use solar cover to help prolong the swimming season, ensuring you can maximize the direct sun energy! This is an eco-friendly alternative to the energy-hungry pool water heating. 

#3. Safety for pets and kids

Here’s an important choice to make. On the one hand, you could keep your water a little warmer with a solar-powered cover. However, this kind of pool cover is best kept away from kids and pets who could walk on it and damage it.
If you have young children and small pets, you want to use a sturdier pool cover that will ensure nobody can accidentally fall in the pool. A pool fence or gate could also help keep control of who gets access to the pool. 

#4. Combining pool and pond

As much as you want a garden pool, you may benefit in adding a pond to your garden too. This will act as a wildlife magnet, ensuring thirsty bugs and small animals can use the pond rather than the pool. This is a harmonious combination to enjoy your pool without interference from local critters. 

However, bear in mind that this may considerably reduce the amount of space available in your garden.

These few challenges can help you decide whether you would be ready to add an open pool to your garden or not. With the right maintenance strategy, a pool could transform your backyard into a stunning oasis. However, if you are not feeling ready to tackle those challenges, the oasis could take a turn for the worse.

Posted in Homeowners on Sep 13, 2023