Benefits of Wooden Non-Toxic Organic Toys

We all know just how bad plastic is for the environment. It takes hundreds of years to disappear and our recycling efforts are still not good enough. Plus, there’s just something cheap and impersonal about that colorful plastic. On the other hand, wooden toys are visually and emotionally appealing and they last almost forever! Let’s see the benefits of wooden non-toxic organic toys. 

They are safe

Wooden toys are designed to be very safe for handling. They don’t break that easily, which means you kids won’t be exposed to any sharp edges or small pieces that can ingest. And if you opt for toys that are made with non-toxic natural material, it means your kids can chew on them and suck on them without polluting their little bodies with chemicals. 

They improve motor functions

Wood is a special substance that provides a great tactile experience for kids that can help encourage the connection with nature and the world around them. Playing with wood is a grounding experience which can help kids exercise their motor functions by handling, stacking, rolling and throwing their blocks and other wooden shapes. 

They boost imagination

While plastic toys look good and have a clear purpose, they usually don’t have an open-ended use. On the other hand, wooden toys allow kids to take control and create their own narratives and worlds. Most wooden toys come in basic shapes like building blocks, circles, triangles and sticks which allow kids to come up with creative ways to use them in different scenarios. If you’re looking for more of these educational toys, just click here and you will get plenty of reviews and resources. If you buy something fun and high-quality, it’s really an investment in your child’s future. 

They are durable

Kids can be very rough when they play, so having toys made with durable materials is a great way to save money, protect kids from injury and help keep our landfills empty. Wooden toys last generations and all the damage they can show is a few scratches and dents. And when they get dirty, you can easily wipe them off and give back to your kids. 

They are timeless

Sure, wooden toys can last for generations, but they can also be enjoyed by generations thanks to their timeless design and nature. Your parents, your grandparents and great-grandparents used to play and learn with wooden toys and many upcoming generations will do the same. Of course, there are plenty of good modern educational toys but make sure not to forget about the tried and true. 

They are better for the planet

Organic and natural products made from locally- and sustainably-sourced wood and other eco-friendly materials are also long-lasting. This means a lower amount of waste, lower pollution and better support for sustainable resources. Some companies also opt for recycled packaging. 

Buying toys for your kids is one of the most rewarding experiences, especially when you see the smile on their little faces, but make sure to think about what you invest your money into. Wooden toys are the past and the future of toys and always a great idea that will make all kids happy.

Posted in Sustainability on Dec 23, 2019


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