The Benefits Of Soft Water

Your home's main water supply contains chalk, dissolved lime, and other minerals that make it unsafe for human consumption. Hard water causes scaling on surfaces it comes in contact with, a reason you should consider investing in a water softener. The water softener helps remove all these minerals and other compounds from the water making it safe to use on the various surfaces. Outlined below are some of the benefits, and reasons to invest in a water softener at home.

1. Protects Your Homes Heating System

The minerals and lime in hard water form a layer on the surface of the heating elements making it harder to heat water efficiently. Nonetheless, removing these elements from the water however prevents this from happening thus reducing the amount of time and energy needed to boil water. According to tests carried out in Government labs, installing a water softener improves the heating system's efficiency by at least 5.6%.

2. Prevent Scaling in Household Appliances

Installing a water softener in your home's inlet system protects household appliances from scaling in the long run. Any existing scale and deposits are washed away over time thus leaving your pipework, appliances, and surfaces cleaner. It also gives these appliances a longer lifespan.

3. Hair and Skincare

Hard water could be the reason you have been dealing with dry and scaly skin. Hard water is also known to trigger other skin conditions including Eczema and dry skin. Nonetheless, using soft water to bath however helps remove the layer left behind by hard water, hence recommended. Soft water clears most of these irritants and uses less soap and detergents as well. Shampoo also lathers more easily with soft water as compared to hard water. This leaves you with soft, manageable and shiny skin. You should also see better results on your hair as well.

4. No Clogged Shower Heads and a Cleaner Screen

The compounds in hard water cause shower head to clog over time. This reduces its efficiency and reducing water flow by up to 75%. Installing a water softener however eliminates this risk leaving you with properly functioning shower heads. The shower screens won't also collect as much dirt and grime with soft water. A simple cleanup job will be all you need for clean and sparkling shower screens. Simply wiping these screens after showering will reveal the magic.

5. Makes Doing Laundry Easier

Soft water makes cleaning clothes and other fabrics much more manageable. You will not only require less water for the cleanup but also save on the detergents as well.

6. No More Soap Scum

Soap scum is very common with hard water. Most people have to use lemon to remove limescale and spot marks left by the hard water. Soft water doesn’t however leave these unsightly spots and streaks. This saves you both time and money when cleaning surfaces and clothes.

7. Shaving

Shaving blades used with soft water last a lot longer, and give a cleaner shave as compared to hard water.

8. Saves Money

According to studies conduction by the British Water Quality Group, a water softener saves a 4-person household an average of £200 per year. In addition to this, you get to save on detergents, washing powder, shower cleaners, scale removers, bathroom cleaners, and floor cleaners. Your boiler, hot water system, plumbing, dishwashers, and washing machine also run more efficiently on soft water. Soft water improves their efficiency and life expectancy significantly.

9. Car Washing

Soft water is recommended when washing your car. This is because soft water not only dissolves dirt much faster but also doesn’t leave soap scum behind. Most valet companies prefer and use soft water. Consider adding a tap of softened water to your house for this purpose.

10. Safe for The Environment

As you might have guessed, using hard water forces you to use lots of harsh chemicals in the long run. These harsh chemicals increase your carbon footprint hence not good for the environment. Investing in a water softener however eliminates the need to use these chemicals, thus good for the environment.

If you want some more information on soft water, you can get it here in this guide to water softeners.

Posted in Homeowners on Dec 21, 2018