The Benefits Of Seed Slicing Or Aeration On Your Lawn

You can have a good time to relax in the Spring or Summer season. However, it can be stressful on your turf. With the intense heat of summer, it can degrade the health of your lawn. The constant foot traffic, weeds, drought, and insect can also damage it.

A good way to fix your dying lawn is to use a method called seed slicing or aeration. But what is slice seeding exactly and how it can help to refresh your lawn?

Slice seeding or seed slicing can be done using a machine called slice seeder. This machine is equipped with steel blades that can slice the soil under it. After slicing the soil, this machine will drop the grass seeds onto the gaps.

This will make the seeds secure and have the right contact with the soil. The result is more superior compared with just spreading the seeds around your turf. That’s why the slice seeder is a very good machine for planting grass seeds and reviving your backyard.

The slice seeder machine can be also adjusted to match the requirements of grass seeds right depth that you wanted to plant around your lawn.

When it comes to over seeder machine, it just scattered the seeds and most of them won’t be able to grow. But if you use the slice seeder, the result is far better and has a higher chance of germination.

Using Aeration To Revive Your Lawn

Over time, the lawn will start to become compressed. This will prevent your grass to flourish because the roots won’t be able to absorb the nutrient and water.

This can make your lawn unhealthy and exposed to different kinds of diseases. Weeds such as crabgrass, nutsedge, or dandelion will also start to beat your grass and take over the lawn because they grow so fast.

A good method for preventing this is to use aeration. The aerator creates a hole on the ground which in turn, can help your turf on absorbing water and nutrients properly. Aeration will also help the roots to grow stronger and better. This will make your grass more tough against bad climates such as storms or drought.

To make the overseeding more effective, aeration must be applied. When spreading the grass seeds, it will fall inside the holes around your lawn. Making these two combinations well efficient for resurrecting your turf.

Final Words

Now after learning aeration and seed slicing, you may ask which method is the best for you. The answer will depend on your turf. A lawn expert may suggest to you which method is more suitable after they see and check your backyard. If you have something on your mind, you can write us your comment below

Posted in Homeowners on Oct 09, 2019