The Benefits of Online Flower Delivery Services

There’s many occasions in your life when an online flower delivery service comes in handy. Perhaps it’s Mother’s Day and you live thousands of miles away from your mom? Or maybe you’re on an extended business trip, and want to surprise your wife? There’s even many times when it makes sense for women to be the senders of flowers, such as when your bestie just got an awesome, new job in NYC and you want to show her some love.

Whatever the reason may be, online flower delivery sites often have a much better selection of flowers than traditional, local florists. Whereas local florists typically only carry local flowers, online florists also have exotic and foreign flowers. Whatever you desire, you can find it online! Quite often you’ll also see lower prices than at your local florist, as the only retailers have larger inventories and can afford to have more competitive pricing.

Another thing to consider is the convenience. Instead of getting in your car, dealing with traffic, driving into town, and arriving at the florist … only to find out they’re on lunch break (oh no!), you can sit comfortably at your computer and place an order 24/7/365. You can’t beat that convenience!

Here’s just some of the occasions you may want to use an online flower delivery service for:

  • Your anniversary
  • A romantic surprise
  • Congratulations (new job, graduation, promotion, etc)
  • Get well soon
  • New baby
  • Birthday
  • Funeral
  • Engagement
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Apology (hopefully you never need this one!)
  • Wedding

Now let’s take a look at some of the most popular varieties of flowers, and what they’re commonly used for:



Roses are (as you probably guessed), the most popular flowers in the world.  This is partly because of their variety as far as size, color, and smell, but also due to their long history throughout humanity, which dates back thousand of years. There are 11 different types of roses, and they are most commonly considered to be a symbol of love and beauty.

The best occasions to gift them are Valentine’s Day, for an apology, for sympathy, an anniversary, or for certain birthdays (typically in June).



Carnations come in several varieties, but the most common are the border, annual, and perpetual carnations. Each color of carnation has a different meaning: 

  • Pink - Mother’s love
  • White - Good luck
  • Green - St. Patrick’s Day
  • Yellow - Disappointment
  • Light Red - Admiration
  • Dark Red - Deep love

With this in mind, it’s probably no surprise to hear that carnations are perfect for Mother’s Day, or for thanking someone.



The lily flower is a symbol of beauty and purity and comes in a ton of amazing colors.  They’re a great flower for many occasions, including anniversaries, birthdays, funerals, or as a general “thank you” gift.



Daisies are sophisticated, yet simple. While white is by far the most common color for a daisy, they also come in pink, orange, yellow, and red. They’re seen as a symbol of purity or new beginnings.

It’s generally good to give daisies for anniversaries (notably the 5th), birthdays in April, Mother’s Day, or for a “get well” gift.

So there you have it. Not only are online flower delivery services more convenient, they also have a better selection and cheaper prices. If you’re looking for flower delivery in Spain, Turkey, UAE, or Qatar, we recommend using Lolaflora.

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