Benefits of a Chaser Bin

Chaser bins are also referred to as grain auger wagons or grain carts, and they are extremely useful in large scale farms when harvest time comes around. The chaser bin is a tractor-towed trailer which has an auger conveyor mechanism built into it. Chaser bins typically have a high capacity, and on average, they can carry about 15 tonnes of grain at once. 

For the most part, chaser bins are used to transfer grain that is being harvested from the header of the combine harvester to a truck which then carries the grain to a storage facility. The chaser bin is pulled by a tractor with high power output, and it’s driven next to the combine harvester, so you don’t have to stop harvesting in order for the transfer of the grain to occur. 

One key benefit of using a chaser bin is that it saves time. In large scale farms where complex mechanical operations are required in pretty much all stages of the farming process, time is very crucial. If you use a chaser bin, it is estimated that you can save up to 30% of the time you take to harvest your crop, compared to a farmer who has to stop harvesting every time the harvester fills up. 

If you have a large enough farm, a chaser bin could help you get your crop to market a lot faster, and it could even save you a few days, allowing you to focus on other farm operations. A chaser bin can significantly reduce the operating cost in a farm, and it can be a great money saver in the long run. 

Chaser bins come in different designs and sizes, so you don’t have to worry about failing to find one that perfectly suits the needs of your farm or your budget. You can either buy a new chaser bin or a second-hand chaser, so affordability shouldn't be a big problem. You can also opt for a single, dual, or triple-axle chaser bin, depending on the workload that you need it to handle. As for capacity, you can opt for a chaser bin that carries as low as 12 tonnes, or even as high as 45 tonnes of grain. 

Newer chaser bin models have lots of additional features that increase their efficiency and improve their operations. They have fitted cameras or inspection windows which the operator can use to monitor the way the discharge auger is working, and the level of the grain in the chaser bin. The chaser bins are also designed in such a way that it’s easy to create compartments, in case you have to separate whatever crop you are harvesting into different portions. 

If you are concerned about excessive compaction of soil, you can always opt for a chaser bin that is tracked. The tracked chaser bins are fitted with cushioned footprints in order to minimize soil disruption.

Even though some farmers dismiss chaser bins are glorified storage trailers, the truth is that they are way more than that, and they offer a lot of benefits for farmers who value efficiency and are willing to invest in modern farming technology from farm machinery suppliers such as Perard in order to save money in the long run.

Posted in Farming on May 02, 2019