Attract Wildlife to Your Garden with a Pond!

There’s a lot of pleasure to be had by attracting wildlife of all kinds to your garden. Birds are easy to invite to visit if you have a couple of bird tables and plenty of food for them, and you can also attract the likes of squirrels if you have the right environment for them, and they are great fun to watch. No matter the size of your garden, you can always make sure it is a friendly place for the local fauna, and it is not expensive to do.

If you have space, a wild flower patch is a great way of giving bees a reason to come to your garden. Bees are essential to the world we live in and are suffering at the moment, so anything that can encourage them is welcome. Also, the wild flowers will attract butterflies, which are especially beautiful and add a fleeting touch of life and colour as they flit from flower to flower. There is one other addition to your garden that you might consider: a pond!

The Attraction of a Pond

Why should you have a pond? To begin with, it’s an attractive feature and talking point, and it is easy to maintain. You can buy pond kits in many shapes and sizes, so they are suitable for any available space, and you can find a wide variety of attractive fish that will happily live in your new pond. But the main attraction is that it will attract a new type of wildlife to your garden: amphibians. Frogs will soon find your pond attractive – you can make this happen by collecting frogspawn from elsewhere and bringing it to your pond – and are fascinating creatures to watch as they go about their loves.

Then there are the insects that will find your pond a great place to be: dragonflies and other water-loving insects such as mayflies are harmless and fun to have around, bringing a touch of colour that you would not have otherwise, and you might even be lucky enough to attract newts, which are in need of places to live. For the best water conditions, which will make your pond the favoured one, look at installing a pond pump, as this will keep the oxygen in the water at the right levels, and the water clean, so make sure you get the best pond pump that your budget allows.

Pond Safety

There are some factors consider when installing a pond, especially if you have young children. Make sure the little ones are supervised when they watch the fish and other creatures at all times. Also, if you have invested in fish for the pond you might want to fit a net over the top, as you are certain to have visitors such as sea gulls and perhaps the majestic heron, who ate looking for a quick and easy feed!

A pond is a beautiful and affordable garden attraction – don’t forget the water lilies and other plants that can adorn your new pond – so check them out now, and you will soon have a lovely part of the garden transformed.

Posted in Homeowners on Jun 12, 2017