Artificial Grass: The Key To A Maintenance Free Backyard

Imagine a perfect, lush green backyard with some solar garden lamps and some cute furniture – picturesque, right? However, these aesthetics are very difficult and time consuming to maintain. An average American spends 150 hours a year tending their yard and spends around 80 million pounds of pesticides on their grass and plants, as claimed by Ted Steinberg. But here’s an easier way around all that hard work – artificial grass.

Artificial Grass Is Pro Saving!

Artificial grass doesn’t need water. So, you’re eventually giving back to the environment by saving tons of water. Also, you require no pesticides to maintain the lush look of your lawn. Fertilizers and gas-powered tools are also out of the picture now. Apart from saving on natural resources, artificial grass saves your time as well. You need not sacrifice your Saturday mornings to mowing and grass cutting. A simple broom will make your turf dust free. If you’re an environment activist, there are options such as recycled grass for you to consider.

It’s easy to replace

Artificial turf has a cost-effective maintenance. You need not spend a lot on manure, tools and other usual garden requirements. Also, it’s a lot easier and cheaper to replace artificial grass than using the traditional grass seed method. With artificial grass, a weed-free environment is in the making which means no raking is required. What’s more, you get a flea and bacteria-free lush garden to look forward to each morning.

The one big demerit to using artificial grass is the high cost of installation, often ranging up to $25 per square foot. Plus, the added trouble of replacing infills every few years. However, don’t all the hard work and the cost deter you from making your environment just a tad greener. Rent out your unused land to a passionate gardener who’s willing to go the mile.

What to keep in mind?

These tips here will help you turn your backyard into a dream landscape.

  • A soil free ground will be great. However, if not possible, dig your soil at least 3 inches deep.
  • Have a proper drainage system as permeability is a must.
  • Maintain a waterproof perimeter all around your backyard.
  • If you are still worried about weed (due to past infestations), get a geo textile barrier.

If you’re ready to get a real green turf, what are you waiting for? Clean your backyard. Uproot all little plants and remove all debris. Get yourself the artificial greens, all while keeping your thumbs clean!

Posted in Homeowners on Jun 22, 2018


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