8 Reasons to Grow with LED Lights

Why should you grow with LED lights in your indoor garden? In case you haven’t considered using LED grow lights before, here are eight good reasons you should trade out your old-fashioned grow lights for new LED lights.

1. You’ll save money.

The number one reason that most gardeners make the switch and start to grow with LED lights is money. Yes, it’s true that sometimes an LED grow light will cost more when you purchase it. However, LED grow lights save you money in three important ways:

  • They last longer, so your replacement costs are lower.
  • They use less energy, so your energy bill is lower.
  • They don’t produce nearly as much heat, so the cost of keeping your garden temperature cool is lower.

2. LED lights don’t scorch plants.

One of the problems with traditional grow lights is the amount of heat they produce. If traditional lights are placed too close to the plants, the plants will easily burn. When you grow with LED lights, this is not a problem. As already mentioned, they produce very little heat, which is a good thing not only for your energy bill, but also for your plants.

3. LED lights produce the right type of light.

Plants do not use the entire spectrum of light in the photosynthesis process. Consider this:

  • Blue light is used by plants when they are seedlings and before they flower. Leafy vegetables, such as spinach and lettuce, also prefer blue light.
  • Red and orange light is used by plants when they are going to flower or fruit.

One of the biggest benefits of starting to grow with LED lights is that you can choose an LED light that produces only the wavelength of light you need for your plant.

4. You can grow multi-tier gardens.

Thanks to the small size, low weight, and low heat of LED lights, when you grow with LED lights you can save space by creating multi-tier gardens.

5. You can grow gardens in a very small space.

Because of the size of traditional grow lights and the amount of heat they produce, it’s difficult to grow plants in a confined space. The small size and low heat of an LED light means that you can grow plants in a very small space.

6. You can place an LED light right inside the plant.

If you want all angles of a plant with very dense foliage to get enough light, you can hang an LED light right in the midst of the dense leaves.

7. LED lights don’t buzz.

Big, heavy grow lights tend to emit a whiny buzz when they are on. Considering that many plants require light for eight to twelve hours per day, this annoying buzz gets old fast. LED lights are silent.

8. As LED grow lights become more popular, their prices are coming down.

The initial price of LED grow lights remains more expensive than traditional grow lights in many cases, but their prices are now starting to come down. As their popularity expands, there is also an ever-increasing variety of LED grow lights, and new advancements are coming all the time.

These eight reasons should be plenty to convince you that the time has come to grow with LED lights. For people who’ve never tried indoor gardening, these eight reasons demonstrate that LED grow lights make indoor gardening easier than ever before.

Posted in Gardening on Aug 23, 2018


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