8 Health Benefits Of Home Grown Fruits

It may seem unreasonable to go through all the trouble of growing one’s own fruits while supermarkets and local stores offer them in bulk. However, homegrown fruits and vegetables not only serve to beautify homes, but also offer immense nutritional value. Their alternatives, commercial fruits, are grown on large scale farms using unregulated fertilizers and pesticides. This ultimately degrades their nutritional value while also exposing consumers to adverse effects such as cancer. Apart from having an aesthetically appealing garden, individuals growing their own fruits stand to derive the following health benefits.

Access to Juicy, Fresh Fruits As Intended By Mother Nature

Synthetic fruits, which are often highly salted or sugared, lack numerous nutrients that are required by the human body for optimal health. During processing, fruits often lose their natural flavor, and their nutrient level is diminished significantly. Conversely, fruits in their natural state are richer in nutrients including antioxidants. A piece of freshly grown fruit, be it a pear, orange, apple or cherry is essentially a compact source of natural goodness. This includes sugars, vitamins, and enzymes among other elements that are important for optimal functionality of the human body.

Also, homeowners producing their own fruits are able to control the quality of the end product ending up on their family table. They, for instance, decide what pest control measures to employ, what fertilizer to use and whether to harvest the fruits when ripe. This is also important for environmental-conscious individuals as gardening largely contributes to the sustainability of the earth as a planet.

The Natural Taste

Nothing beats the nutrients and flavor that are often packed in the fresh fruits straight from their natural setting. At supermarkets and grocery stores, the freshness of the fruits cannot be guaranteed. This is because as soon as they’re harvested, fruits begin to lose their natural nutrients and moisture yet they take a while to reach the consumer. In contrast, freshly obtained fruits are often yummy, juicy and ridden with vital nutrients. Homeowners also get to enjoy the fresh taste of fruits in the form of juices and smoothies. All they need to do is invest in the juicer, which is especially possible after studying the reviews at Veranda-Interiors.com.

Exposure To Vitamin D

Growing fruits in the backyard require close supervision. For instance, the homeowner needs to control the weed, plant the crops as well as harvest. While performing these tasks, people expose themselves in the open air under the sun, which is beneficial as sunlight is a rich source of vitamin D. This is an important vitamin for one's health it increases the calcium levels in the body and also strengthens the immune system. Therefore, It is a good idea to read expert reviews at BodyNutrition.com.

Stress Relief

The advent of technology has seen a lot of people, including children, spending hours indoors with their eyes glued to the TV, which makes them susceptible to stressful thoughts. It, therefore, helps to get out once in a while and breathe in the clean, natural air in a bid to unwind. While one may not have the time or resources to take a nature hike or go camping, gardening provides a piece of nature right outside the door. Sitting under a mango tree in the midst of a garden full of many other fruit trees is a wonderful way of relieving oneself from day to day stress.

A Form of Exercise

Planting and taking care of fruits is an incredible form of exercise. A lot of people are so engrossed in their work that they don’t have a minute to hit the gym. Luckily, pulling out weeds, reaching for various fruits and tools as well as bending and twisting as one plants serve to work the muscles in the body. This ultimately provides an individual with more strength, flexibility, and stamina. Shortly put, gardeners must move around, which is a great workout activity.

Going Green

The negative impact people have on the environment when processing foods is a familiar topic. Homesteading, on the other hand, benefits the environment significantly as the plants, in this case, fruit trees, are effective air cleaners. This is achieved by absorbing carbon dioxide and other air pollutants from the environment while releasing a clean fragrance and oxygen. Also, plants hold the soil in place, combating erosion and keep residue out of the streams and roads.

Combating Loneliness in Old Age

When most people retire, they get few socializing opportunities. The loneliness may cause irritability, heart attacks and headaches in addition to highlighting pre-existing conditions. Community growing of fruits gives the elderly an opportunity to engage with neighbors while also producing delicious produce for home use. The community gardens are located on open spaces where close neighbors collaborate in maintaining the fruits. This interaction also gives children an opportunity to learn about where fruits come from.

Easy Access, More Consumption

For homeowners growing their own produce, every day is a fruit day. Some might make try accomplishing this by purchasing commercial fruits from stores, which, unfortunately, have been stripped off some of the most important elements like fiber, nutrients, and water. Besides, there is no guarantee that the fruits contain the expected benefits. Among the numerous benefits that gardeners derive from growing their own fruits is easy access. The unlimited access, even when on a budget, comes in handy especially when one wants to explode their taste bunds. For example, they may choose to create juice, jam or dessert comprised of a variety of fruits.

In general, homeowners growing their own fruits get the chance to control the quality of the end product. Nothing beats the juiciness one derives from biting a fresh fruit straight from the tree while it’s still warm from the sun. And while there are stores that offer ready to consume fruits, the healthiest option is to ingest products grown under one's supervision and rules. Besides, a person is what they eat, and living healthy entails consuming nutritious fruits and veggies. This is probably why people without yards launch an indoor garden to grow small fruits like strawberries.

Posted in Gardening on Jan 19, 2019