7 Tips For Arranging Patio Furniture

Do you have patio furniture? Are you always puzzled about how to arrange it? Well, here are tips to help you arrange your patio furniture effortlessly.

1. Choose A Focal Point

First, you need to create a focal point that acts as an anchor to the outdoor space. It will be used as the primary gathering point and the heart of the arrangement. You should build off the remaining décor from this area.

2. What’s The Purpose Of Your Patio?

With a symmetrical arrangement of your patio furniture, you can create a formal living space. On the other hand, asymmetrical arrangements often appear quirky with a casual and relaxed feel. Choose the right purpose for the arrangement to pull off a great look.

3. Choose The Right Design

When choosing the right layout of your patio furniture, you need to choose the right design. First, make sure the design eases traffic in and out of the patio to reduce congestion. You need to think about how everyone will enter and go through the patio. Is there a clear path to the entrance and exit? According to Patio Bay the patio sectional in Canada is very popular as it allows ease of access.

Are there are any areas that will become crowded? For the high-traffic areas, make sure there is 30’’ to 48’’ of enough space for the high-traffic areas. You can reduce the measurements to 24’’ for the areas with less foot traffic. Make sure you arrange the furniture in a way to direct guests around the seating area instead of through it.

4. Placement Of Outdoor Furniture

Make sure the longest furniture is placed along the longest wall facing the focal point. It will add more to the area rather than taking all the attention. It can be a 3-seat sofa or a love seat. You can add several individual chairs to encourage your guests to sit around and enjoy a good conversation.

5. Make It Homey

You can make your backyard look like a resort effortlessly. You can add side tables, end tables and ottomans for a great look. You can use the furniture to place any loose items, snacks and drinks. Ottomans can also be used to relieve back pain.

6. A Separate Outdoor Kitchen

Make sure the outdoor kitchen is further away from the dining area. There should be some form of separation between the outdoor kitchen and the dining area. It should also address any safety issues that come up because of the grill. Of course, you need to make your backyard child-proof. Make sure the outdoor kitchen is close to the door to make it easy for food prep.

7. Divide And Conquer

Once you separate the backyard into smaller sections, you will have a dynamic yet functional area. As such, you can create multiple areas of entertainment rather than having one large area with too much open space. Add some chairs, an outdoor fireplace and a patio heater. You should have an ideal outdoor living space.

In conclusion, your patio is an ideal place to relax after a long day. Whether you are resting on the weekends or having a dinner party, it’s a good idea to make the patio inviting for your guests or for yourself when you need to relax.

Posted in Homeowners on Mar 26, 2021


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