7 Things Every Garden Farmer Should Have

Hey there, green-thumbed friend! Ready to dig into the glorious world of garden farming? Whether you're a seasoned soil slinger or just planting the seeds of your garden farming adventure, there are a few essential tools and gadgets that can take your garden from "meh" to "magnificent."

So grab your sun hat, slip on those gardening gloves, and let's dig into the things every garden farmer should have. Trust me, your tomatoes will thank you!

1. The Ultimate Farm Shed

You know how superheroes have their secret lairs? Well, garden farmers have farm sheds. This is the palace where you can safely stash your tools, start your seeds, and perhaps even plot world domination (through vegetables, of course!). Having a solid, organized farm shed makes everything else easier. It's like a home base for your garden farming empire!

2. A Trusty Set of Tools

Shovels, rakes, hoes, and pruners – these are your trusty sidekicks in the garden farming game. That’s why you should always try, if you can, to invest in the highest quality tools; tools that feel good when you hold them, and which have the kind of functionality you need to grow whatever it is you want to grow most.

3. Watering Systems Galore

Whether you're a watering-can enthusiast or a drip-irrigation devotee, having a decent water system that works for you and your crops is a vital part of being a successful garden farmer. To get it right, think about your garden's size, your water source, and your patience level when choosing the best watering option for your garden farming ambitions.

4. Compost Like a Pro

Composting isn't just for the hippie-dippie gardeners among us. Turning kitchen scraps and yard waste into nutrient-rich soil is like giving your plants a gourmet meal. Composting bins or piles can be as fancy or as simple as you like, just start composting!

5. A Garden Cart (or Wheelbarrow)

Garden farming can be hard work but one thing that will definitely make your journey towards farming greatness a whole lot easier is a decent garden cart or wheelbarrow with a high capacity. They will make short work of lugging those heavy bags of compost or transporting your latest crops from the farm to the market, and your back will surely thank you for that!

6. Seeds and Seedlings

Ah, the building blocks of your garden! Whether you're into heirloom tomatoes or exotic herbs, finding quality seeds and seedlings is vital. Experiment with varieties, and don't be afraid to swap with fellow garden farmers. Seed-swapping parties, anyone?

7. Gardening Books and Journals

Nobody knows is all and it is fair to say that a garden farmer never stops learning. So, be sure to stock up on gardening books, subscribe to a few gardening blogs, or start your own gardening journal. Documenting what works (and what doesn't) will make each season more successful, and who doesn’t want to aim for their most bountiful crop ever?

Time to hit the garden center and buy everything you need to succeed!

Posted in Gardening on Aug 04, 2023