7 reasons why solar power can become the next generation energy source in Australia

Let’s face it.

Australia, with its vast landmass and long hours of sunshine promises the greatest solar energy potential for personal and public use. Seven Undeniable Reasons support solar power as the next big step in conserving energy.

1. Solar Energy is Cost Effective

Electricity cost has increased by 15% in the past two decades across the vast Australian continent. This trend is primarily caused by inflation. Solar energy reduces the cost of electricity and provides an alternative power source to electricity from the national grid.

Solar energy service delivery companies offer low and predictable rates in comparison to electric company rates. You can expect to pay less for power, on average when you switch to use solar energy.

Solar energy allows you to take control of power utility bills.

2. Solar Energy is Clean, Renewable and Environmentally Friendly.

98% of the world’s power is produced by burning coal and oil. The remaining 2% comes from fossil fuel, hydro electricity and solar power.

Fossil fuel, the most commonly used source of energy, releases carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the air. These gases in turn produce acid rain responsible for weakening the ozone layer, which exposes you to health risks.

Solar power is the only clean, renewable and environmentally friendly source of energy. Homesteads in remote parts of Australia out of reach of the national electricity grid are forced to generate their own electricity. Solar energy offers the best alternative source of power for self-sufficiency.

In 1980, Michael Bos, an industrial chemist, his wife Judy and three daughters lived in Victoria on all the energy needs supplied mainly from sun and wind.

Inhabitants of Australia could live off the sun, a natural, direct source of energy that is clean, renewable and environmentally friendly.

3. Solar Energy Improves Property Market Price Value.

Australian home owners stand a chance to attract up to 4.1% on improved market value on home property. This interest rate depends on the installation of solar panels as the main source of energy on the property.

Premises with solar energy draw higher prices, should the owner decide to sell the property. Numbers don’t lie. Solar energy has a greater return on investment.

Climatic conditions in most parts of Australia make solar water heating a very practical and inexpensive way of providing domestic hot water. The tools required to construct solar water heater are common everyday items found in most workshops and the materials used are within reach.

The task of constructing solar water heater is doable and safe. No need to hire an electrician at inflated service charges for fear of the danger of being electrocuted.

Solar energy makes life simple. Enjoy piped hot water bath pumped to the head tank. Watch half hour television show. Entertain guests with music from hi-fi system. Vacuum clean the house, run fans and drink hot coffee made on the slow combustion stove on 240V, 500 Watts with the help of inverter from by 2V lighting system.

Solar energy is a super special way to improve property market price value.

4. Leasing Vs Purchasing Solar Equipment

If your budget allowance does not support buying solar panels and meeting the cost of installation outright, easing is the next step.

You don’t have money to purchase solar panels, and pay for the cost of installation. It is cheaper to lease new or used solar energy equipment.

You are renting residential premises. It makes sense to lease than buy solar energy equipment as you save to put a down payment on your house.

However, you need expert technical advice on the type and condition of equipment you are considering leasing. Technology is changing fast.

Rapid technology change is another reason why leasing solar energy equipment is viable. Let the leasing company hustle with the rapid changes in technology. This will free space to pursue different ways of speeding up the process of buying your house.

In the end, you will know how good the solar energy equipment works should you choose to keep the solar energy equipment when the original lease time expires.

5. Solar Creates Job Opportunities.

Australia could borrow a leaf from UK, the second largest consumer of solar energy with 35,000 people using photovoltaic (PV) panel installations.

Solar panel manufacturers provide steady jobs to produce more solar panel skilled workers to install solar panels. This means more job opportunities, which translates to Australia’s economic improvement from solar energy job creation opportunities.

6. Solar Energy is Unlimited.

Where do you get unlimited source of energy? The sun showers the earth every day with more solar energy that will last as long as there is life on earth. Don’t you just love the sound of unlimited solar energy?

Solar power is produced and consumed within reach of property. Electricity on the other hand is transported over long distances from the power plant to reach consumers.

This process has achieved significant success to provide electricity to consumers, but with many challenges, including loss of electricity. Here is the good news.

Most homes using solar energy to produce electricity in remote areas in Australia do not experience power loss or blackouts. These homes are in effect independent power plants. This justifies the argument that solar energy is unlimited.

7. Time for Change

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come," Victor Hugo, the French poet, novelist, and dramatist of the Romantic Movement wrote.

Hugo did not specifically mention solar power as an alternative source of energy. However, his sentiments express the growing need to use solar energy, now and in the future.

You have been using electricity from the national grid with numerous power fluctuations, and unpredictable blackout challenges. You need reliable source of energy.

Whether you are ready to use clean, renewable power from the sun, solar energy is ready for you. It is time for a change. Make the move today.

The opportunity to use solar energy as the main source of power is not exclusive to residents of Australia.

Invest on 4kW solar system today and live cheaply on solar energy. Solar energy from the sun is unlimited and there is no utility price tag, except the initial cost of solar equipment and installation of solar panels. That is a different story altogether.

This article discusses seven undeniable reasons why solar power is the next source of energy in Australia and beyond. Technology to produce electricity from solar energy is available and affordable.

Solar energy holds the key to our future.

Seven undeniable benefits supporting this proposition include, but not limited to….

Victor Hugo did not specifically refer/mention solar energy as a future source of power, but his sentiments express the need for self-sufficiency across the board.

Author: Gaurav Upreti

Gaurav loves writing about the importance of technology in conserving the environment and humanity. He is most interested in how we can utilize technology and renewable resources to reduce energy consumption, prevent pollution and save money at the same time.

Posted in Homeowners, Sustainability on May 24, 2021


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