7 Reasons To Install A Hot Tub In Your Garden

During the summer, swimming pools are fantastic while it is warm, however hot tubs may be enjoyed at any time of the year. A hot tub, in fact, frequently allows you to enjoy things outdoors such as beautiful sunsets, changing leaves, fallen snow and starry nights at times when you might not be able to otherwise.

Numerous Health Benefits

Note: The word spa stands for "salus per aquam," which in Latin translates to "health from water." Inside a hot tub the hot water can help to ease pain, relax muscles and increase blood flow and circulation. The natural buoyancy you experience when inside a hot tub also helps to reduce the pressure and strain on your muscles and joints and gives them a short break from all that hard work that they constantly do. Finally, the jets target various muscle groups to help soothe and massage your sore muscles.

You May Sleep Better After Soaking In Your Hot Tub

Your day can be ruined by having a bad night's sleep or suffering from insomnia. However, if you take even a short 15-minute soak in your hot tub approximately two hours before going to bed it raises your temperature and then the quick cool down period after you get out helps to relax you and eases your body into a very sound sleep.

They Can Save You Water

Instead of trying to relax in your bathtub - where all the water will be sent down the drain afterwards - you can get into your hot tub instead. It only has to be drained and then refilled once every three to six months or so. With inflatable options it doesn’t have to cost a lot and the most affordable inflatable hot tubs are still great quality.

Hot Tubs Are Very Relaxing

A hot tub can help you get into a complete state of relaxation, whether you are in your hot tub with others or alone, hydrating with water or enjoying your favorite adult beverage, soaking under the stars or out in the sunshine. You can enjoy quiet down time, have fun on your electronic device, meditate or read a book. Between the soothing bubbles and heat, even taking a short soak can help to enhance your overall well-being and reduce your stress.

It Is A Consistent And Private Retreat

Of course you may be able to use a friend's spa or use the one at the gym, however when you have a hot tub of your own you won't need to pay any monthly fees (although your electric bill does increase by a few hundred dollars per year) or have to wait for your friend to invite you over. It will be on your deck or in your backyard, and you can even skip wearing a bathing suit if you'd like to.

Have Your Very Own Personal Oasis

These days there are so many different kinds of hot tubs, so you can have your customized to be whatever you would like it to be. You can select the size (ranging from 3 up to 9 people), controls, LED lighting, style and number of jets, color and even have a stereo system added. Whether you would like your hot tub as a party destination, romantic spot, or family gathering place, you can have it designed so that it has all of those ideal features to suit all of your needs.

Posted in Homeowners on Feb 23, 2017