7 Reasons DIY Electric Work at Home is Perilous

We all love to save money by fixing things ourselves. Things like painting or cleaning can be done safely with no professional help. However, the most important part of a home which is the electricity - needs a professional help to fix power problems. Taking chances to do it yourself can be incredibly risky and fatal at extreme cases.

Check out some of the risks or dangers associated with electric work.

1. Sparks and fire

When an electric circuit is overloaded or overheated, it can result in abrupt electric sparks. When you try to fix it yourself and end up hooking the wires incorrectly, it can result in the house fire. Well, what would you want to save -Your house or the small amount of money?

2. Electrocution risks

One of the dangerous things to fix at home is electricity failures. If you forget to switch off the power - while fixing your bulb or touching wrong wires or any other electric piece - you are more exposed to electric shocks. It can even result in deaths in extreme cases. Recovery for your family can be more expensive than the electrician fees.

3. Violating code

Electricians are trained and know every aspect of the wiring codes. When you have no knowledge on the same, you are prone to violate the codes. This can cost you a bomb to restore it again. Instead of double costs and double repairs, seek the help of a professional.

4. Household disasters

If you want to fix the new ceiling fan all by yourself with no prior experience – you should also think about the dangers linked to it. It may seem to be a simple process but when done wrong, the ceiling fan might fall down on your family members. Definitely scary isn’t it?

5. Other Dangers

You should always ensure you are well geared before playing with electricity. Any water beneath the wires or touching wires with damp fingers can be too risky. You should also make sure to turn off the main power connection before working on any faults. Trying to fix wires when the connection is alive can be hazardous.

6. Using wrong products

When you have no knowledge of the type of wirings or power outlets or switches – there are more chances that you might end up using wrong products to fix the problems. This may result in blackouts or circuit tripping. Instead of making such mistakes, it is better to stay away from it and to seek a professional assistance.

7. Dangers associated with installing appliances

When we buy new appliances like refrigerator, dryer, washing machine, air conditioners, TVs, computers etc – it is better to call the professional to make sure the electric power cords suffice power requirements. They can give you a clear idea if it needs upgrading or not. Doing the installation yourself and plugging products to wrong power connections can result in appliance damage. It can also result in power shorts and failures.

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Posted in Homeowners on Jan 18, 2018