6 Tips for Emergency Tree Removal

Six things to keep in mind for Emergency Tree Removal

Nothing can be more stressful or scary than a situation where you have to face a downed tree after a heavy storm. This Portland Tree Removal company says it is best to anticipate and to be ready if the time comes when you and your family have to deal with a fallen tree.

  1. Getting too close can make the situation more dangerous. Always remember that when in doubt leave it to the experts, don’t become a victim!  Trees have been known to roll or topple further even if they appear to be down solidly or supported in some way on the ground.  The best way to avoid personal injury or worse is to simply avoid touching the area until it is assessed by a professional.  Stay clear and keep other away from the area as well.  Try to block access to the area and make other around aware of the dangers.  If a tree is touching a powerline or utility pole, please call the utility company in your area immediately!
  2. The best way to handle an emergency situation involving a tree is to try to remain calm.  Other people may become hysterical and elevate the drama and stress of the situation.  Neighbors or relatives who have the best intentions might offer advice on how to handle the situation, but they might not be experiences in knowing just what dangers could lie in dealing with the emergency tree removal situation safely.  Don’t allow people to walk under the tree to inspect it closer or to try to nudge or move the tree just to get it off a fence as they can roll and cause life threatening injuries just to save a fence.  This is why tree removal companies exist, to handle these types of situations safely.
  3. Call a professional arborist as fast as you can.  An experienced tree removal technician can assess the situation and determine what the relative hazard is and can often relieve the burden and increase safety by using any tools they have on hand.  An expert in tree removal will know how to be calm and bring safety back to you and your family by explaining the situation properly to you so that you are involved in the decision making process of fully removing a tree or just trimming the branch that is causing the hazard.
  4. If the tree and branch hit your home, property or other tree then your insurance will normally pay for the tree removal service on your behalf.  A professional tree service company will handle all the billing and time consuming hassle of having to deal with paperwork on your behalf leaving you to pick up the pieces and to remedy any stress caused to your loved ones.
  5. The extent of a downed tree by nature makes the already difficult task of tree removal even more challenging, just because it is a more delicate situation and makes it even more time consuming.  It’s safe for you to assume that because of this it will be a bit more costly than a normal tree service job, but keep in mind the safety of you and your family is priceless.  This is why in this situation of an emergency tree removal you should not be deterred by price as most tree removal companies are competitive in pricing, but also you shouldn’t try to diy the removal as it can be very dangerous. 
  6. Look for a company that is reputable and has years of experience.  Check that they are licensed and have the proper insurance.  One way to exponentially increase the cost of a tree removal is to have an individual who has labeled themself an expert come to your home with some hand tools and little expertise to later cause themselves or you danger. Insurance can pick up the pieces and fill the gaps when your pocket cannot and letting an expert handle the emergency tree removal situation can prevent accidents.

A quick summary, a downed tree can be a big problem but please do not make the problem even worse.  Be calm and have patience.  A storm can be stressful but delegating and leaving the tree removal to a professional can only be beneficial.

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