6 Tips for Decorating Your Garden

We can liken garden care to towing services. Whether it is towing beaumont or towing pasadena tx, everyone uses that service much like people are with their garden. Some pay hired help to do some chores like mow the lawn or create a flower bed, while others do it themselves. Whether you are a gardening professional or a hobbyist, here are 6 tips you can use when you're decorating your garden.

1. Include a water feature

If you want to elevate your garden quickly and efficiently, then one way to do that would be to add a water feature. A water feature could be any garden ornament with water in it. It could be a beautiful birdbath right in the middle of your garden, it could be a little pond with fishes, or a fountain that creates trickling water sound to help you relax.

Such garden ornaments will help you set the mood and vibe of your garden and will make it an appealing place to hang out especially on a gorgeous day or evening.

2. Play with scale

If you have an expansive garden, then you have more room to add bigger objects as decorations. Likewise, a smaller garden will mean smaller ornaments to place around it. But don't let this fact limit your creativity. Even a small garden can have one or two big decorations as long as they are well placed and don't skew the balance of the garden.

For larger gardens, you can mix in large pieces and smaller ones. Kinetic sculptures are especially popular for many lavish gardens. You can have one or two of these to serve as a focal point.

3. Cluster items

This is a simple mind trick that every decorator uses when decorating any space, not just gardens: put items together in an odd-numbered group. Grouping decorative pieces this way is more appealing to the eyes and helps to draw people's attention. Clustering different size items together will create a layered look to your design.

Another way to make your garden stand out more is to put bigger objects in the back of its group with the smaller pieces in front of it. The smallest piece should be in the foreground that way it won't be hidden behind the bigger pieces.

4. Include unique pieces

Because gardening is such a well-established hobby, you will eventually encounter cliche decorative pieces that almost every garden has and many gardening stores like lawn care midland have in store.

Keep in mind that the goal is to stand out so while going for the usual garden ornaments is completely fine and acceptable, consider adding a touch of whimsy into your design. Maybe add a water feature that's unique or a bright decorative piece for a pop of color.

5. Use the wall

In cases of gardens with walls or a solid fence, why not use it to your advantage? Make it your personal canvas and go all out with your creative side. You can create a beautiful mural on it or keep it tame and simple by just painting it with vibrant color.

You can also add plants at its base or hang outdoor art pieces on it. With a little creativity and ingeniousness, you can transform a boring old wall into a beautiful focal point.

6. Mirror on your wall

If you have a limited garden space, one trick to fool the eye into thinking there's more space is by installing an old mirror in between the plants. If you have a wall, that would be the perfect spot to fasten a mirror. If not, leaning it against a plant or a post is more than enough. It will reflect more light in your garden, enlarge the space, and double the number of plants you have.

Posted in Gardening on Oct 21, 2019