6 Things To Watch Out For Before Buying Flowers From A Florist

Flowers are the best gifts you can give your family and friends to make them feel special and loved. They impact feelings of happiness compassion, lift mood, and offer a calming and positive effect to the recipient.

The world of flowers is vast, with overwhelming options and ideas that are all pretty, which makes choosing the perfect blooms quite a task. Whether you want to buy flowers to add a dash of color to your home or give them away to make someone happy, buying flowers may seem complicated, especially for people who have no idea where to begin.

Today, technology has made it easier to order pretty much everything online, and flowers have not been left out. However, if you’re skeptical about buying online, visit your local florist and get blooms of your choice.

Whether online or offline, this article will make your flower shopping experience a little better with six things to watch out for before buying flowers from a florist;

1. Get Fresh Blooms

Buying fresh flowers guarantees that they will last the longest and enables you to get value for your money. How do you know if your flowers are fresh? Simply pay attention to the following;

  • The petals of the flowers- petals are the most essential part of a flower. So, fresh petals should feel firm and look vibrant. Do not overlook a discolored or a dry petal; they won’t stay for long.

  • Inspect the stems- the stems of fresh flowers should be firm. Also, check if there’re freshly cut if the stem is still white and green. Brown or frayed stems mean that the flowers are not fresh.

  • The bulbs- If you’re looking for flowers for your house or gifting someone, focus on buying those that the bulbs are not yet fully open. This means that the flowers are still fresh and will last longer when you put them in the vase. For occasions, it is okay to buy fully bloomed flowers.

2. Be Open-Minded to Seasonal Flowers

Seasonal flowers are the best in terms of freshness and availability. Not all flowers are available all year round. Thus, you might not get exactly what you want at a particular time.

In most cases, if the flowers you want are out of season, they may have been imported, and therefore, they might not be as fresh as you may need them to be. In this case, seasonal flowers always come in handy, and they’re still as good.

Seasonal flowers also come in handy when you want to order flowers online and you don’t want to take chances with other varieties that are out of season. You’re assured they are available locally and will still be fresh.

3. Know The Personality Of The Recipient

Do they like traditional arrangements? Or do they love creative and artistic arrangements? Flowers speak a lot about someone’s personality and if you’re gifting flowers, consider the recipient’s personality beforehand.

Also, communicate this information with the florist so that the designers can create an arrangement that they will love. A good florist should be able to determine what flowers go best with different personality types.

4. Cost of Flowers

As with many other purchases we make, the cost of the products or service you are paying for is an important factor that determines your decision to buy. When looking to buy flowers, for whatever reason, it is important to consider the prices offered.

Have a budget in mind when going to buy flowers. You can compare the prices offered for the same kinds of flowers by different florists. This will enable you to get the best offer and the best value for your money.

It is important to remember that the prices of flowers change depending on the season and the demand at the time. So, always confirm the price of a bouquet before ordering one. Also, consider the target clientele of the florist -- florists in high-end neighborhoods tend to have higher prices due to their clientele.

You should also consider the prices of after-sale services such as vases, packaging, and delivery of flowers if need be. While some florists offer such services for free, some charge for these services. This will help you to stay within your budget.

5. The Variety They Have

There are different flowers for different occasions. For example, there are flowers for weddings, funerals, anniversaries, and graduations. Although you may love a certain flower, it is not practical to give that flower to everyone for every occasion. Before buying flowers, it is important to consider whom you are buying them for, and the occasion you will be presenting them in. As such, it is very important to consider the selection of flowers that a florist has.

Some florists have a limited selection while some have a wide variety of flowers. In some cases, the perfect flower for your recipient and for the occasion may be difficult to find. Some florists are able to source rare flowers and have them ready for you in time.

You typically want to get your blooms from a florist who has a wide variety of flowers. This indicates their specialty and their ability to source rare flowers if need be.

6. Arrangement/customization/colour

Choosing the right arrangement of flowers can be challenging, especially if you are not a flower or design connoisseur. Moreover, if you are gifting the flowers as part of a package, bundling this package together can be a headache.

Look for a florist who offers a variety of flower arrangements and flower bundles. A good florist will have a selection guide to help you make a decision. They will help you decide a style, theme, and color scheme, and in case they do not have exactly what you want, they can help you select a different arrangement that will have the same effect you desire.

Also, check if the florist can custom make a flower bundle to your preference ____ this will make your life easier. Make sure you provide the florist with enough information about the space, person, or occasion the flowers are meant for for them to give you the best suggestions.

Check if the florist has a catalog, either online or a physical one at the shop. This is a great starting point to help you pick what you want.

To Wrap Up

In summation, buying the right flowers can be a challenging task. A good florist will make this process easier for you with their services.

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Posted in Gardening on Mar 29, 2022