5 Top Tips on Approaching a Garden Renovation

Your garden can be a fantastic haven in winter and the summer too, however many of us don’t look after them. So, here are some tips to get your outdoor area back to top notch condition.

Plan Ahead

It’s essential to plan ahead when making garden renovations. The first step in your garden’s transformation process is to get an accurate sit survey. This will allow you to make the most of your outdoor spaces by taking careful measurements of the area.

The next step in your planning process should be to determine the garden’s functionality. You need to take into account how you’ll be using your outdoor space, who the garden is for, what type of lighting and furniture best suit your lifestyle and how much time you have to maintain your outdoor space.

The overall aesthetic of your garden, the colour schemes, plants and specific materials used, need to be considered. It’s a good idea to make a wish list. A garden designer can be helpful in providing suggestions, you should get a consultation before you start the work. Their suggestions can be used to create a better plan.

Repair What’s There

A lot of gardens tend to look poorly because they aren’t looked after and things go downhill. One good way to give your garden an instant lift is to fix what’s there. Repairing fences can really help pick an outdoor area up, as can fixing patio slabs and asphalt repair. These things help give a garden the shine it needs to go forward looking great.

Get Back to Nature

Outdoor dining has become popular. Outdoor ovens and BBY designs are some ways to get back to nature. There is a wide range of BBQs, meat smokers, pizza ovens, and fire pits make cooking outside easier. This is a fun way to get better use from your garden and enjoy lots of delicious food.

Weatherproof Your Space

You can create a relaxing garden, but the unreliable British weather makes it crucial that you stay practical. Design a functional garden. You can get outdoor heating in the form of fireplaces, fire bowls, and fire pits, which is a stylish way to stay warm whilst entertaining outdoors. Centre a chimenea into your outdoor space. This will provide warmth on a cool evening, but this makes a lovely garden ornament.

Bring the Outside Inside

Open your home to the garden. This is a lovely way to increase the amount of fresh air you receive indoors. Use a sliding glass or bi-fold door in a great way to combine the two areas. This will make your space feel bigger.

Follow the Trends

You can attend home and garden shows for inspiration or you can ask your local garden designer for their professional advice. If you want to get new ideas for your garden renovations, you have plenty of recourses. This is similar to home renovations. You can use materials like polished concrete, to transform your outdoor space. These designs are going to become popular since it’s a way to make your space more person while keeping things sleek.

Posted in Gardening on Dec 08, 2016


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