5 Instagram Tips For Gardeners

Instagram is the perfect social media app for visual people. Over the last few years, this app’s popularity has increased. Instagram boasts over 100 million worldwide users. This is a simple app that intentionally has a lack of advertising. This makes it appealing to many users.

In many ways, Instagram is the same as Twitter. You have to find users to follow, and users that are followed. You have to decide how much you want to interact with others on this social media platform. You can spend your time browsing photos and salivating over other people’s flowers and gardens, or you can post your colourful photos.

It’s easy to sign up for an account, and this app is user-friendly.

Your Timeline

When you first open the app, your timeline is the first you see. It’s basically a newsfeed of photos posted by the people you follow. You can scroll the photos. If you like the photo you can click the heart icon, which is the same as you would on Facebook. You’re able to leave a comment. You can send a photo to other users or share on your Twitter and Facebook profiles.

Search Instagram

If you want to explore the Instagram world, click the magnifying glass. After you first sign up, this is a useful way to find an account to follow. It can suggest users the same as those you follow. You can also type in a person or company name and see if they have an Instagram account. This is the same as Twitter, you can also use a hashtag to search for subjects which interest you. You can use terms like #petunias or #gardening.

Upload photos

If you click on the camera icon, you can take your own photo or upload a photo from your camera’s library. Where Instagram really dazzles is when you look at the different borders and filters you can apply to filters. This can really jazz up a photo. The wizardry lets you change the photos focus point. With Instagram, there are all sorts of tricks you never thought possible. Play around with the shot, and upload the photo.

Recent Activity

Click on ‘you’ and then you’ll see which users liked your photos. You can also see their comments. If you click on ‘following’, you’ll see what others are up to and the photos they’ve liked. This is a great way to find new and exciting users.

Buy Followers

One good way to look popular on Instagram is to purchase some more Instagram followers. This can be a great help as it will make people look twice at your account and implies it’s a big and popular account.

Your Profile

Instagram has a ‘dashboard’ where you can make changes to your profile photo and description. You can also check to see who you’re following and who is following you. The ‘dashboard’ can be used to see your uploaded photos, in various formats. You can also click on setting and check the security setting. You can adjust it to the security level you wish.

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