5 Gardening Trends In Utah In 2024

Gardening is a popular hobby in Utah and one that many people find to be fun and rewarding, but it can also be challenging compared to other regions because of the climate. The arid conditions and elevation can create challenges for gardeners in Utah, which is why some of the gardening trends here differ from other states. So, what are some of the main gardening trends in Utah in 2024? There are a few prominent gardening trends in Utah right now that are shaping the way in which residents maintain their outdoor spaces and create attractive backyards. Keep reading to discover the biggest gardening trends in Utah right now.

1. Water Conservation

Water conservation is an important consideration in Utah due to the climate. Gardeners have to be intelligent when it comes to using water in the garden, which means things like harvesting rainwater, watering early in the morning (to prevent evaporation), and choosing drought-proof plants that do not require much water.

2. Native Plants

Following this, many people in Utah are growing native plant species in their gardens. This is because these plants will be well suited to Utah's conditions, terrain, and temperature throughout the year. There are a number of native plant species to consider, including:

  • Utah Agave
  • Pinyon Pine
  • Claret Cup Cactus
  • Rocky Mountain Juniper

3. Riding Lawnmowers

When the temperature starts to soar, the last thing you want to do is push a walk-behind mower around. This is why many Utah residents now use riding lawnmowers, which can make mowing the lawn simple, fast, and good fun! Riding mowers take all the hard work out of mowing the lawn and make it easy to create a beautiful, neat, and uniform lawn. There are many different types to consider, including zero-turn mowers that can turn within their own footprint - this makes them ideal for tight spaces and large lawns.

4. Urban Gardening

Of course, not everyone in Utah is fortunate enough to have a large garden that needs mowing on a regular basis. Despite this, many people have discovered the joys of urban gardening since the COVID-19 pandemic. Container gardening allows those with limited outdoor spaces to enjoy the rewards of gardening, which can include growing herbs, vegetables, and various plants, even in small spaces like balconies. 

5. Organic Gardening

People are also becoming more concerned about protecting wildlife and the environment. This has led to a rise in organic gardening, which involves adopting practices that prevent damage to natural wildlife and minimize impact on the environment. These practices can include composting, using natural fertilizers, and using naturally derived pesticides. 

These are currently a few of the biggest gardening trends in Utah. Gardening is a popular pastime in Utah, with many residents enjoying maintaining their outdoor spaces, whether this is a large garden or a small patio. Utah can also be a challenging place compared to other areas due to the climate here, so gardeners need to be smart and find ways to maintain a healthy and attractive outdoor space. 

Posted in Gardening on May 21, 2024