4 Tools and Equipment That Make Great Gifts for Gardeners

Around 77% of American households garden and in 2018, $47.8 billion was spent on lawn and garden products and services. However, gardening takes time and is a lot of hard work. Using the right tools and equipment for the job can make gardening a breeze turning it into a pleasurable activity instead of a tedious chore.

Mobile Composter

A composter is an important garden equipment that can be used to recycle food and garden waste thereby reducing the amount of garbage that is thrown away. It is also a fantastic way to make organic fertilizer for crops and flowers without spending tons of money on chemicals that are also harmful to the environment.

There are many types of composters sold in the market today and they exist in different sizes, shapes, and prices. If you’re looking at compost bins to give as a present, get one that has wheels so that it is easy to bring it in and out of the garden. Mobile composters also allow gardeners to move them to any part of the plot once the compost is ready or to the kitchen when gathering food waste.  

Thorn Stripper

Flower enthusiasts will love the simplicity and efficacy of a thorn stripper. It will save them lots of time to remove thorns and leaves from roses and other plants.

With one stroke, annoying thorns that can hurt hands or prick the skin are removed. Implements such as the thorn stripper make excellent gifts because of their functionality removing thorns from flowers quickly and safely. If your gardener loves gadgets like the stem cleaner, you can even include an outdoor subscription box as a gift where the recipient receives quality gear that they need for their hobbies.

Rainwater Collection System

Rainwater harvesting offers several benefits. It reduces the demand on the water system and saves 40-50% of water bills. Collection also reduces runoffs in the garden preventing soil erosion and flooding. If there is no piped water in the community garden, setting up a rainwater collection system will allow gardeners to irrigate plants. In addition, rain water does not contain chlorine, has a neutral pH and is better for y plants and flowers.

You can choose from different sizes and types of collection systems depending on the size of the garden. In some cases, the system can serve as a backup when there is a drought and watering gardens is restricted. A tank on wheels is also practical as it can be moved easily in the plot if water is needed.

Garden Scooter

If you’re tired of squatting and staying on your knees, a garden scooter is a practical solution. Sit whenever you are weary while weeding or pruning and roll along the garden to complete yard work without exerting a lot of effort.

The scooter can also carry tools that are needed so there is no need to lift the heavy ones whenever changing locations in the garden. Young or old, the garden scooter is a convenient equipment for all types of gardeners.

Gardening is a pleasant and fulfilling pastime or hobby. Giving functional tools and implements as gifts help make gardening fuss-free and less of a chore.

Posted in Gardening on May 30, 2019