4 Things Singaporeans Do To Keep Their Flowers Fresh

We all love some fresh blooms in our homes, don’t we? However, fresh-cut flowers require extra care for them to remain fresh for a long time. Keeping flowers fresh for longer can be quite a hassle, especially in Singapore’s warm weather, flowers tend not to last for more than 3-5 days.

In this article, we’ll go through a few tips on how to keep your flowers fresh in Singaporean weather.

A few tips

  • Fresh cut flowers will last longer and you will get to enjoy value for your money. Buy flowers that have not fully bloomed, with strong stems and petals.

  • Once you receive your bouquet, get rid of all the packaging as soon as possible. Often, flowers come wrapped in lots of paper and when they are too close to each other, they get all hot and this can cause them to wilt.

  • Specific blooms require special care, so, always inquire with your florist about any special care for the blooms.

What do Singaporeans do to keep their flowers fresh?

1. Start by cleaning

The secret to keeping flowers fresh for a long time is by avoiding bacteria at all costs. Bacteria shortens the lifespan of flowers. Therefore, ensure to wash the vases, clippers, or knives thoroughly before putting the flowers in the vase. Some people also clean the stems of the flowers to ensure there are no bacteria.

Wash them with warm, soapy water with white vinegar and a few drops of bleach to ensure that your vase is scrupulously clean and all the bacteria that might be present in the vase have been killed.

Once the vase is ready, fill the vase with clean tap water that is at room temperature to get it ready for the flowers. Ensure the water does not have any debris and change out the water regularly to prevent any bacterial growth.

2. Trim the stems at a 45-degree angle and strip off extra foliage

Flowers have a vascular system in their stems that enables them to absorb water and nutrients that are essential for the blooms. Therefore, cutting the stems at 45 degrees will increase the surface area and encourage them to absorb more water and the blooms will be fresh for longer.

Flat cut stems will hit the bottom of the vase and the water vessels can easily get clogged with air bubbles hence cutting the water supply to the blooms.

Additionally, strip off any leaves that fall below the waterline. If leaves are put in water, they immediately start to break down, creating bacteria growth that can reduce the vase life of the flowers.

Also, if there are any bad leaves, bent flowers, or anything that does not look fresh, take them out. This works similarly to a bad fruit in a bowl with other fresh fruits—it will spread diseases to others. Cutting out any unpleasant leaf or flower leaves the bouquet looking fresh and it can remain this way for long.

3. Keep your blooms away from direct sunlight

An arrangement placed at a position where the sun is shining on it might look beautiful in a magazine, but that is not practical when it comes to fresh blooms. With Singapore’s warm weather, direct sunlight can cause your flowers to die quickly. Heat will speed up the blooming process and your flowers will wilt quickly.

You can also avoid placing your flowers near appliances that generate heat, cooling vents, open windows, or ceiling fans. All these conditions increase the rate of the evaporation of the water, causing your flowers to dehydrate and die quickly.

Also, place your flowers away from fruit bowls and vegetables. These emit a gas that causes your flowers to wilt faster.

Therefore, your flowers will last longer in cool temperatures since they are not actively growing.

4. Always use your flower food

Flowers need certain nutrients for them to bloom and continue looking fresh. While still growing in the soil, flowers absorbed these nutrients from the ground through the roots. However, with cut flowers not having any roots, they need nutrients added to the water they absorb for them to survive for long.

Most florists include a packet of flower food with the flower delivery. This packet contains essential ingredients that flowers need such as carbohydrates (sugars). Flower food also contains acids to keep the pH of the water low and acidic. This helps the water to move up the stems of the flower a bit faster which reduces wilting. It also contains an antibacterial element such as bleach. This kills any bacteria or fungus that can harm the flowers.

Mix the flower food in the packet according to the direction written on the packet or as instructed by your florist. Add a new packet to the vase every time you change the water- often every 2 to 3 days. Make sure you follow the instructions written on the packet or those provided by your florist.

If your flowers did not come with a flower food packet, you can request some from your florist, or buy them from a nearby home supply store. Alternatively, you can make your flower food. Mix some sugar, a few drops of bleach, or a clear spirit such as vodka, and then crush a vitamin C tablet and add it to the mixture to lower the pH. Be careful not to create a mixture that will destroy your flowers instead of keeping them alive.

Bottom Line

Cut flowers can last for a long time if well taken care of. In Singapore, the warm climate causes flowers to wilt faster, and this necessitates taking good care of flowers for them to last long.

As you order your flowers, make sure they come with important additions such as flower food. Unsure of flower delivery cost in Singapore? Consult Well Live Florist today to find out more. Well Live Florists are among the best florists in Singapore, offering a wide variety of flowers and delivery services at affordable rates.

So, get your blooms today and have them brighten your life.

Posted in Gardening on Mar 31, 2022