12 Tips for the Frugal Recycling Gardener

Gardeners are frugal, always looking for ways to recycle and re-use items. Even highly prized compost is created through recycling. Here are 12 tips for the frugal garden that covers everything from recycling household items to cheap organic pest control.

Garden Hose

Recycle an old leaky garden hose into a useful lawn and garden sprinkler. Cut the leaky hose in several more places along the length, plug one end of the hose and attach the other end to the outside tap.

DIY Rain Barrel

Recycle a plastic dust bin with lid into a rain barrel. Cut a small hole in the lid and place it under a down spout with the spout going into the hole. Insert a cheap spigot near the bottom of the bin.

DIY Lawn Snack

Make a frugal late summer snack for your lawn by mixing all leftover dry lawn, garden and flower food that you have laying around and apply it to the lawn with a hand held spreader.


Recycle Clothes

Recycle soft, stretchy fabric in garden plant ties. Cut old clothing into 2 inch strips and use to tie tomato plants, cucumbers, etc. to trellises.

Clothes on Line

Old Umbrellas

Umbrella ribs make great flower supports. Paint them green and no one will even notice them.


Recycle Newspaper

Yesterday's news makes great garden mulch. Place sheets of newspaper under plants, then cover with grass clippings or other organic matter.


Better Watering

Water garden plants more accurately and with less water by cutting both ends out of coffee cans and burying the cans between your plants. After the cans are buried, leaving the top side slightly exposed, fill the can with rocks and water directly into the can. The water will go straight to the plant roots.

Coffee Cans

Recycled Milk Jugs

Save your plastic milk jugs, cut the bottoms out of them and use them to cover tender garden plants to protect from frost or pests.

DIY Mini Hot House

Those same recycled milk jugs make frugal hot houses for tender new sprouts in the garden also.

Coffee Grounds

Used coffee grounds and cut up orange peels will keep cats from using your garden as a litter box and they will decompose to improve soil structure.

Coffee Beans and Grounds

Hair Care

When you get a hair cut, save the hair. Place the hair around your garden, the human scent will keep deer, groundhogs and other pests out of your garden.

Beer Party

To keep snails and slugs out of your garden, bury a recycled pie tin to ground level, and fill the pie tin with flat beer. The snails and slugs go in for the booze, but never come out.


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