10 Excellent Gifts For Garden Lovers

Do you need help creating the perfect gift list this season, either for a fellow container gardening enthusiast or yourself? If so, you definitely need to check out the following 10 amazing container gardening products balcony gardeners are guaranteed to love:

1. Stacking Containers

One of the best gifts for balcony container gardeners is stacking plant containers. A balcony container garden has limited floor space for you to work with, which is why gardening upward makes perfect sense. These small stacking plant containers are ideal for an herb garden.

2. Watering Can

If you’re looking for a great gift for a balcony gardener with limited storage space, then a watering can that can be proudly displayed outside is the perfect option. If you buy an attractive watering can, ensure that it waters like the rain falls. Don’t just buy a can that simply lets water gush out.

3. Greenhouse

Tiny container plant greenhouses can either be kept indoors or used to start plant seeds in cooler weather outside. Greenhouses come in a variety of sizes. A tiny IKEA glass greenhouse can be an excellent decorative addition to a garden table, while larger versions are also available like the Gardman greenhouse.

Larger greenhouses can be useful for helping plant seeds get the best start without having to take up valuable space indoors. Furthermore, container gardens in dry areas can be used for keeping plants species that love humidity without them drying up.

4. Garden Tool Kit

Your gardener friend or family member may probably have gardening tools already, but you should consider getting them a nice garden tool kit. You can even get some sturdy gloves or high-quality pruners or anything else that could be an upgrade for your container gardening enthusiast.

5. Plant Container

A great addition to a balcony garden can be either a personalized container you have painted or simply a container you are sure the gardener will love. Listen and learn about what the container gardener prefers to keep in his/her garden.

While some gardeners will use an interesting container of any type, others will prefer using only recycled containers, and others still will prefer having a uniform look with just a single plant container color.

6. Aqua Globes

The popular “As Seen on TV” Aqua Globes that water container plants for you are an excellent gift for gardeners with some delicate plants that require soil that’s constantly moist but not soggy. Balcony container gardeners that are regularly out of town and don’t always have a garden-sitter will also find Aqua Globes incredibly helpful.

7. Plant Container Lifter

Even the lightest of planters will become quite the burden once filled with dirt. A great invention known as a PotLifter allows you and a partner to lift heavier items in your balcony garden without having to break your back.

It can be quite a lifesaver when moving to different apartment or moving a potted plant to a different section of your balcony.

8. Hammocks

Everybody loves a hammock. There are few greater pleasures in life than sitting outside in a hammock on a nice warm day reading a book or taking a snooze. It’s the perfect gift and you – see here.

9. Plant Stand

Plant stands are incredibly useful for balcony gardeners, because plants that are close to the balcony floor usually never receive sufficient light. Plants stands are used for keeping plant pots off the floor (thereby protecting it), while adding height to the balcony garden, maximizing the light that plants receive and maximizing the garden space.

10. Gardening Books or a Magazine Subscription

Gardening magazines and books are great sources of information and inspiration for balcony container gardeners. Buy a gardening book or magazine that talks about gardening in small spaces or container gardening. Even a book about different species of plants and plant care can be useful for years to come.

If you are struggling with what gifts to buy you can always buy gift cards and let them choose their own gifts.

Posted in Gardening on Apr 13, 2023