10 Elements that Will Make Your Garden Even More Beautiful

Modern gardeners are constantly looking for ways to spruce up their garden design. These ten beautiful additions will add an extra layer of natural appeal to your garden, putting your design one step above the rest.

1. Stone Trails

Stone Trails

Appropriately-placed stones add a soft appeal to your garden, giving an inviting atmosphere to the surroundings. They don’t have to follow a direct path, but letting them be a bit wayward offers a chance for visitors to wander through your garden.

2. Hammocks


Your garden should be a place of relaxation, so why not give yourself the perfect place to relax? A hammock is a wonderful addition to your garden design, being both beautiful and practical!

3. Bridges

As a dainty and elegant way to dress up your garden, adding a small bridge brings a whimsical feel. Take advantage of any water sources that run through your garden, or add a bridge in a place where the soil makes it difficult to grow.


4. Pottery Planters

Pottery Planters

These lovely planters can be painted in any way you like, adding a splash of color to your garden year-round! These planters are perfect for cacti, succulents, and grasses that need less water than other plants.

5. Lattice

As a subtle backdrop, a lattice arch or fence is a lovely way to make your garden a bit cozier. Add some climbing plants such as a clematis vine and your lattice will be complete!

6. Trellis


Adding a wooden trellis offers a less manicured and more natural feel to your garden. Trellises can be designed from anything, including fallen tree branches, making them even more natural. Add in perpetually-blooming flowers such as ZephirineDrouhin roses, or some annual vines for the complete look.

7. Garden Swing

Reminiscent of The Secret Garden, a swing provides you with a place to sit and enjoy the beauty of your garden. Also, a swing is a lovely way to add a level of playfulness and comfort to your garden’s atmosphere.

8. Groundcovers

Flowers such as peonies, bellflowers, geraniums, or evergreens allow you to cover ground and beautify your garden.

9. Twig Structures

Adding an element of natural design to your garden, a twig structure such as a fence, gate, or arch is a beautiful addition.

10. Birdbaths


These types of fountains are not only lovely, but invite colorful visitors to your garden! Enjoy the view as new feathered friends visit the birdbath.

We’re sure that you’re always looking for ways to improve your garden design, as are we! Take advantage of these lovely elements to add to your garden and beautify it even more!

Posted in Gardening on Feb 05, 2017


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