10 Creative Gardening Ideas

You don’t need a big, humongous yard to have a beautiful garden. Even a small yard works. With a little bit of planning, you can really do wonders in your garden. And don’t be limited to boring old pots … you can use almost anything in your garden space.

Here are 10 awesome creative gardening ideas that you can implement in your garden. Whether you’re looking for space to plant more flowers or you have a craving for your own vegetable garden, you’re sure to find something in this list that suits your space.

Old Furniture Garden

You can really create a beautiful garden by using your old furniture. Have an old dresser that you’re planning to throw out? How about using it in your garden? You can create a wonderful three-tier garden by placing different pots with colorful plants in the dresser drawers. It’s perfect for people who have limited space.

Vertical Garden

Another neat way that you can have a garden in a small space is by using shoe organizers. Hang the shoe organizers in a dry place that gets plenty of sunlight and fill them with soil and compost, then add your plants. This way you’ll not only have an elegant low-maintenance vertical garden, your plants will be away from pests as well.

Colorful Container Garden

Portable gardens are great because you can easily move them from one place to another without worrying about re-growing grass to fill up the space. If you have spare buckets, just paint them with vibrant colors and use them for starting your portable container garden. Small containers can even be hung by fences around your yard - they look really beautiful and they’re great for saving space as well.

Recycle Old Garden Benches

Do you have an old garden bench that isn’t in great shape anymore? Don’t give up on it; use it for planting a bench garden! Bench plant holders look really classy and elegant. Place different pots on the seat of the bench so there’s a nice variety of plants! If your bech doesn’t have a seat anymore, you can still still use it by hanging different pots around the edges.

Plant in a Tree Stump

This is one of my favorite ideas. If you’ve just moved in, and are still in the process of clearing your yard … you may have some tree stumps that need to be cleared out. Now, how about using those stumps as planters?

You’ll not only save money that you may have otherwise spent on uprooting those stumps completely, but you’ll also be able to have a really creative and exotic display in your garden. You’ll just need to hollow out the stump a little so that you’re able to add soil into it for plantation. Flowers will look wonderful in such a setting; you can even use it to plant herbs!

Suspended Soda Bottle Garden

This is another clever idea that’s both convenient and easy to implement. All you need is a 2 litre soda bottle and a knife or scissors. Just cut one side of the bottle, and use it to plant whatever you want. Soda bottle gardens are great for walls and fences, and you can use them to plant anything from flowers to herbs. I personally have mine close to my kitchen. I use it to plant different herbs that I regularly need so are closeby. Not only do I have an awesome-looking garden adorning my outer kitchen wall, but I also get to enjoy the savory taste of fresh herbs in my food.

Hanging Gardens - Suspended on Strings

Hanging suspended gardens are perfect for those who don’t own a lawn, like apartment dwellers. If you don’t own a yard, don’t worry! You still have options.

Suspended gardens look really unique and classy. You can have them both indoors and outdoors, like in your living room and on your terrace. I’m planning to add some into my outer terrace … I'm psyched about it!

Garden Pond

If you’ve always dreamt of having a pond in your garden, don’t let the nitty-gritty details like a budget or yard space stop you. You can have an awesome pond even if you don’t have a huge yard or mounds of cash.

All you need is an old tire, and you can use one of any size depending upon your yard. Bury the tire in the ground (leaving an opening in the middle for water), and surround its boundaries with all those pots of beautiful flowers and green leafy plants that you love. Just fill it up water and you’ll have a wonderful oasis in your very own backyard!

Mix and Match

There are so many wonderful plants that complement each other. By mixing together different plants in a single container you can give more depth to your garden. Moreover, this allows you to create an illusion of having a bigger garden as you’re growing so many different plants in one space.

There are so many plants and flowers that grow well together … you just need to find the right combinations. You don’t have to limit the number of plants you have just because you have less containers. Go crazy!

Shaded Gardens

Just because you don’t have a lot of outdoors space under the sun for gardening doesn’t mean that you need to have less plants. There are lots of beautiful plants that grow well in the shade; find plants that don’t require direct sunlight to grow and start a shaded garden. You can even add in some other sun loving plants in containers as well so they can be easily moved into the sun when required.

You see, the options are endless. You can have a beautiful garden no matter where you are. All you need is a passion for gardening. If you need help with your landscaping or gardening, check out Trevor McClintock!

What are some creative techniques you have employed in your garden?


Memuna Umber from YardYum

Memuna is a MBA student who also happens to have a passion for the environment. She brings a lot of marketing experience to the YardYum team.

Posted in Gardening on Jun 21, 2016